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Yoga Asanas For Back Pain

Using yoga asanas for back pain is something that has been common practice for many years. Yoga asanas are another name for yoga poses. Back pain can come from many causes, but regardless of the cause, yoga asanas can usually help. A person looking into using yoga asanas should understand how they work and which ones are best for easing back pain.

The back is an important part of the human body. It has many functions, including supporting muscles, protecting the spinal cord and protecting nerves. Injuries to the back are quite common. Most of the time these injuries are related to muscles, joints and ligaments, which is why yoga is a good treatment for pain relief.

Yoga asanas work to stretch and strengthen the muscles and other supporting elements in the back. The slow, soft movements of yoga is very controlled and helps to prevent further injury. The toning of back muscles through yoga asanas helps to make them less likely to be reinjuried and more capable of supporting the areas they are supposed to, which reduces pain.

Here are a few examples of yoga asanas for back pain relief:

– The Bridge: This asana helps to strengthen the abdominal area and train the body to use the abdominal muscles to support the back. This helps to take the strain off the back. To do this asana – Lie on your back with knees bent at a 90 degree angle, feet flat on the floor, arms flat at sides, palms down. Then lift your torso off the floor using the abdominal muscles. Keep shoulders and feet on floor during move. Bring torso back to ground and repeat. It’s a great example of using yoga asanas for back pain reduction.

– Cat: This asana stretches the back and strengthens the abdominal muscles. To do this asana – Get on hands and knees, keeping back straight. Curl head in while arching back. Flatten back to original position and repeat

– Child’s Pose: This relaxes the back muscles while also stretching them gently. To do this pose – Get on hands and knees and slowly sit by bringing the buttocks back onto the folded legs . The knees and calves should be flat against the floor. At the same time bring arms back, flat against the floor, palms up. Rest head on the floor. Hold and return to original position.

These are only a few of the many yoga asanas for back pain relief that work great to strengthen and tone the spinal and abdominal regions. To learn more a person should choose a yoga method and begin practicing the asanas.

There are many different types of yoga. A person should choose the type of yoga that works best for them and their needs. Some forms of yoga, like Ashtanga yoga, are very physical and more like an aerobic workout instead of a relaxing workout and are probably not the right method for someone with back problems. Other methods, like Viniyoga, are more focused on healing and are great for using to relieve back pain. Basically the yoga method a person chooses is a personal decision. They should feel comfortable and confident with the method they choose.

Using yoga asanas for relief is common place these days. Even medical doctors are starting to see the benefits and make recommendations to patients to try yoga. Yoga also helps to relax a person and help them relieve stress. Yoga asanas are a great alternative to medications and surgeries, but a person should always consult their doctor before beginning any exercise program to avoid further aggravation or injury. With a proper program, using yoga asanas for back pain reduction can be a great strategy.

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