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Your Career Path Should Be An Investment! Attitude Adjustment Necessary?

Making a career path move should be a dynamic and enthusiastic acknowledgement of our ability to grow and to be successful.

So when the time comes to change our career path, we often prefer to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible. That means we hope against hope that the right situation will drop in our laps without having to go through too many changes.

But is that the right way to look at our most important investment? Not unless we want to be a WIMP! An attitude adjustment is required if we have any hope of success.

So, why is this rite of passage painful so often?

Well, it’s hard to pull up stakes. It’s challenging to explore new career path directions. It’s not easy to say goodbye to something we’ve become accustomed to–a secure haven for our talents and earning ability. If we’ve been fired or laid off it’s twice as hard. Being cut off from the umbilical cord of an assured salary, work environment and friends can leave us gasping.

So, it should be refreshing to learn that a carefully planned career path change of course doesn’t have to be depressing or painful. It can be quick, energizing, rewarding and safe. If you have the right attitude!

The first and most important attitude adjustment is this: your career (and the job which represents your current stage of career growth) is THE MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT YOU HAVE!

These days we’re caught up in an explosion of information about asset portfolios, money management, and financial planning. We’re being taught to value responsible investing and prudent concern for the future.

That’s great. But where does the fuel for this financial machine come from? YOUR JOB, of course.

Yet how many of us spend even a fraction of the time protecting our career path investment as we spend worrying about financial investments, or even planning a vacation?

Your career path investment is easily as important as getting ready for any retirement program. It’s definitely the equal of long-term financial planning. In fact, without a long-term focus on your career path none of the other planning means anything.

So, what should be your approach? Well, there are 3 fun steps that can help you adjust your attitude.

1.Assess your many strengths, capabilities and assets. You’ve acquired many new talents over the years both on the job and outside it. They can point you in some exciting new directions.

2.Explore the unique opportunities that are emerging in both traditional and new industries. Make Google your friend.

3.Put together a portfolio of career options. Let your imagination and investigation suggest several options that could be right. You might be surprised at the different directions that can open up.

Look. Like everything else in life our career path doesn’t stay the same. It’s constantly evolving, whether we like it or not. Recognizing this can help you go a long way to an exciting future!

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