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Preferences are strictly personal; anyway, that’s what they’re supposed to be. You can like salty liquorice better than sweet candy and at the same time prefer tangerines to bananas. Or the other way around.But that doesn’t really speak to the imagination, it’s way too ordinary for that. Let’s have a closer look at some preferences..


Apparently genetics play an important role in taste. Just like my father I don’t like fish, but I feel that dislike comes from personal experience rather than DNA. People at a typical fish stall have something in common that I don’t like. It’s difficult to put into words what that is. I notice a kind of gluttony that I don’t see at other snack stalls.

The very smell of some fish like mackerel is enough to make my stomach turn; I can’t help it, I once even tried to learn to appreciate it. That was a hopeless endeavour of course. My disgust is so strong that what I tried almost ended in the return of what I ate previously to the place from where the mackerel was staring at me.


Pickles are an excellent example of the food that people crave for temporarily. Pregnant women are known to suffer from this. They are also famous because of their sudden craving for ice cream, chocolate and tomato ketchup. I would see this as an hormonal issue, but there are lots of people who believe the baby, that is still unborn, is asking for those things. Is that weird or is it just me?

Weak coffee and espresso

Another aspect of preferences is the choice for stronger or weaker variations of the same food or drink, which is most apparent in coffee.Some people almost tweek when they drink coffee that others might refer to as sewage water and think drinking coffe that comes out of a Nespresso machine is a filthy habit that has blown over from Italy. People who buy Nespressocapsules, often tend to make a lifestyle out of their preference. This may explain the swift emergence of the (N)espresso –mania. Could it be that all of those preferences are a way to draw Attention?

Do you prefer certain dishes or weak coffee to “Nespresso cupsbestellen”? In this article you will read about fish, pickles and “Nespresso cups”. What is behind all these strong emotions about food and drink?