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Your Recipe For A Perfect Bath

We all have those days where nothing goes catastrophically wrong but lots of little things just happen, the boss decides today it’s national take-your-anger-out-on-the-first-person-you-see day, you kids waited until their bed time to inform you they need to go to school dressed as a parrot tomorrow and you husband was under the impression letting you know he was going to the pub with the lads after work was too much like hard work. All in all you’ve worked very hard and now it’s time to have some time to yourself with a long soak in a bubble bath.

If you share your bathroom with the rest of your family start with putting an advance reservation sticker on the bathroom door so everyone knows you and the bathroom are out of bounds for a while. Climb into your shower enclosure and take a nice hot shower to get your hair clean, you don’t want to have to bother with this after your relaxing bath later and make sure you’ve got a soft clean fluffy towel waiting for you when you’re done.

Now it’s time to run your bath, spill a few streaks of bath foam over the bottom of the bath before you start filling it and add another cup full under the running hot water and the bubbles will foam up naturally. Get a few scented candles lit to help create a relaxing ambiance and a pleasant smell.

Whilst the water is running go and find yourself a treat or two from the kitchen, a glass of wine or a slice of chocolate cake, something that you usually only save for special occasions. Now you just need to find something to do whilst you’re in the water. You might prefer to just sit there and relax or alternatively you might want to grab some battery speakers for an MP3 player or a magazine.

By now the baths going to be just the right level so you need to make sure it’s not too hot, giving yourself second degree burns is not going to relax you. Spend some time giving yourself some mini treatments; it’s always best to pluck eye brows in a hot a steamy room as the steam opens the pours making it less painful. The steam will also soften cuticles if you fancy giving yourself a manicure but you nails will also be weaker so don’t file them in the steamy bathroom. If you’re going to give your legs a shave try using moisturiser instead of shaving foam to leave your skin feels upper soft.

Jessica works for Splash Direct who sell everything you could possible need to make your bathroom as relaxing as possible from bathroom accessories to bathroom suites