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Zen Driving Meditation for Busy People

Is the rat race eating into your spiritual evolution? Are you finding less time to do your meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices? Never fear Zen driving meditation is here.

Unfortunately for many of us, work, family, education and more work seems to be consuming our lives. The worst part of this hectic life-style is that the one aspect which should not suffer, does. Our spiritual growth. In this article I will present you with a terrific meditation technique that you can do while driving or while in transit. This should, hopefully, help you in getting your spiritual work back on track and enjoying the marvelous benefits that such work bestows.

In America we drive a lot, and even those who don’t drive a lot, often take trains and buses as part of their daily life. This “idle” time presents us with a great opportunity to get in some meditation work and there are many meditations that can conveniently be done during this time.

An obvious warning of course is that please DO NOT practice this meditation if it distracts you in any way from your driving.

Zen meditation techniques all have their roots in mindfulness or being in the moment. This meditation technique is no different and is also designed to help you come into the “here and now” as much as possible. Below is a step by step guide of how to practice this meditation. It is given assuming you are driving, but can easily be extrapolated to other modes of transportation.

Meditation Tip: Driving Zen Meditation Technique

– Start the meditation by taking 5 long deep slow breaths. This will relax you.

– Now, bring your attention to your breathing and just observe its flow without manipulating it in any way. Meditate on it’s physical characteristic as closely as you can. Feeling it’s temperature, texture, depth etc. Continue this meditation for 1-5 minutes. This will settle your mind down.

– Now begins the heart of this meditation. Begin to watch the scenery go by as you drive with an unfocused, holistic gaze. In other words, let your vision relax, incorporate the periphery and without any point of focus just observe the world as you journey through it. Just observe the trees, sky, clouds, houses, cars as they pass by. Just be empty within and allow the world to pass through you. That’s it.

– To add another component to this meditation technique, whenever you come to a stop return your attention to your breath and then when moving, meditate once more on the scenery.

– If at any time driving requires your focused attention please stop the meditation and pay attention to your driving.

Commentary on Driving Zen Meditation Technique

This meditation technique has the ability to reveal to you the True Nature of Reality. Etched in my mind are occasions where the absolute perfection of life and the moment, were fully realized while practicing this technique. This meditation was one that just came to me naturally and I am happy to share it with all of you.

Anmol Mehta is a Yoga Teacher & Zen Expert. Learn yoga from Free Yoga Videos and explore Nude Yoga on his extensive Meditation and Yoga site, Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques.