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Zen Goal Setting and Life Success

Spending time in Thailand which is 97% Bhudhist and getting used to walking at a slower pace due to the heat, I am reflecting on the ideas of goal setting.

When you are feeling pressured, stop that feeling of wanting to rip yours or someone else’s hair out with these 5 tips for peaceful goal setting and life success.

These tips help with laid back peaceful yet efficient and mature goal setting.

1. Become mindful of your emotional experiences of frustration and overwhelm and pause to recognize, acknowledge, and accept that at present it is a part of you, and that it is ok.

It is not wimpish to acknowledge our pains. It is in fact a much more mature way to live. If something is troubling you. It can be emotionally released by pausing and acknowledging that it exists at this time. Breathe into it, and when you feel ready, carry on with your day.

Might you be able to apply this to any hurdles to goal setting and life success right now, or will you do it when something comes up later?

2. See if you can mentally identify the top one or two major things that are causing you 80% of the current negative feelings that may be hindering your goal setting and life success.

If you can’t think of them, then spend some time alone writing down whatever ‘problems’ you can think of until you hit on the aha’s of greater concern.

Do you know what are the biggest emotional dramas revolving around your life at present?

3. Write down all of the little and medium and large responsibilities, tasks, projects, time-stealers, etc that you possibly can think of that are relevant to your goal setting and life success for your life in the short term.

By capturing it all on paper you might be surprised at just how much more satisfied and under control you feel. Even if there is an absolute ton of items to note down, it is much less taxing on the brain to be able to see it clearly rather than constantly be wondering if you have missed or forgotten anything.

How complete is your life of ‘things to do’. Does it scrape you through the day with minimal abrasions, or is it a rock solid comprehensive status of your affairs?

4. Reward yourself in some way for your efforts and small success’s in goal setting and life success.

I used to have a problem with doing this as I felt it was an indulgence given that there really REALLY was so so SO much to be getting on with.

However I have learned that the mind actually needs to be ‘tricked’ into efficient performance and stamina, and giving yourself rewards actually programs your deeper mind to stay on top of things more.

You might dedicate 30 minutes to a relaxing bath. Or a few pages of that novel that has been collecting dust on your bed side table until now. Self-rewards can sometimes seem childish, but it is the deeper part of our mind that functions in that way, so accept and utilize it for your benefit.

5. Prioritize goal setting and life success in a way that accepts the facts of finite time.

That is, you have 24 hours in a day. Better it is to do a good job on one major project dedicating 2 hours to it, than to attempt work on multiple projects which dilutes your effectiveness for any one.

Stay mindful that good learning, good writing, good work of any kind, requires a certain amount of time. Where do you need to invest a good quality block of time on one of your projects over the next day or two?

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