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4 Effective Tips To Get Your Opt-In List To Respond better

Consider every time you market products to your opt-in list as a personal recommendation rather than just getting them to buy. The change of care could be the key to a high quality opt-in list. A continuous effort of trying to implement the product in the real world would help eliminate the financial difficulties that some may have.

1.Buying the product.

This is a brilliant marketing strategy where you get the chance to evaluate the product completely. Your outline of the product will give you a better understanding of how the product can be used, and where you should promote it. I would also recommend signing up for a free trial if it is available. By doing so, you give yourself only a few weeks to test it properly, and then there is no room for procrastination.

Imagine selling an e-book to your opt-in list with that knowledge of what it can do for your followers. Your subscribers will be able feel comfortable when you promote the product, and it will sell much faster. Your small investment at the beginning will pay off massively because you took the time to analyze it first.

2. Get it for free through a joint venture (You can use social networking sites to find marketers in your field)

It is often said that starting a joint venture with someone else can be highly beneficial for your online business. There are many marketers out there that will love their product to get exposure through someone else’s opt-in list. You can make a deal with them by offering to pass on the product to your subscribers, if you can test the product first for free. At least you get the opportunity to look at the “pros and cons” of it and make your recommendations to your followers. The main idea is to provide true value, whether it is expensive or for free.

You can truly feel at ease every time you send out a partner’s product that you have analyzed. If you receive any questions about the product, there will not be any hesitation to answer it fully. If you want to be one of the top marketers in your industry, I will advise you practise this basic method daily. Tell yourself that you will not send out any more messages if you have not tested it yourself first.

3. Produce “step-by-step guides” for the product.

Once you have tested the product yourself, you can then create step-by-step videos for further assistance. Your opt-in list will appreciate the fact that you produced an easy guide on top of everything else. The reason why I recommend creating videos instead of e-books is that the information can be processed much quicker. The worse thing is to create an e-book with too much information that will confuse your subscribers. Do not add any further obstacles if the product is already complicated to use.

4.The “usability testing” technique

A great way to gather information on a product to see if it works is by finding out how a candidate will use it. This can be done by monitoring the performance and the accuracy of the person in a realistic situation. Now the trick is to get a handful of your opt-in list to participate in this product testing framework. A viable way is to send out an email that states you are about to give away a highly useful product that can help them, and you need 10 volunteers. If they are interested, they send you their details for a chance to own the product.

Subsequently, you can create an online survey to see how they use the product. The benefits they receive from using it and what parts need assistance. Once you understand the main parts of what is needed, you can then promote it easier to the rest of your subscribers. You will now know what barriers they can face by using it, and offer them a solution to help further.

Your sales will grow much quicker because you have personally taken the time to evaluate the product before passing it on to your subscribers. The better you understand the product, the easier it is for your opt-in list to buy it.

Dev Maritz was in the newspaper industry for several years until he decided to start his own online business. He is the author of “The ultimate guide on how to make money online” and teaches many people to be successful online. If you want to learn more powerful tips on getting your subscribers to buy from you, then come and claim your 14 free e-book courses here at: