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5 Options Available To Hair Loss Sufferers

There are a number of options available to help combat hair growth problems. Naturally, due to the many causes of hair loss, not all of these options may be available to all people with hair growth problems.

Permanent hair transplants, hair loss treatments and temporary concealing items and products are all viable solutions to baldness problems. Today more and more men are choosing to cut it all off. Whichever option you feel most comfortable with is the right choice for you.

#1 Hair transplant

Hair transplants are quickly becoming the most popular solution to the unwanted effects of baldness today. Hair transplants are performed by skilled surgeons using new techniques of micro grafting. Microsurgery is used to implant individual hair into a sufferers scalp.

#2 Medication

Medication includes both prescribed and some commercial over the counter products.

Minoxidil (now called Rogaine) – Developed to treat severe blood pressure problems in the early 70s, Minoxidil was found to have a positive side effect that slowed and even reversed the progress of the balding cycle when applied as a lotion on the affected area.

Propecia – Today Propecia is the most popular sought after medication to treat male pattern baldness. Trials have shown an 80% success rate in stopping the hair loss process and 64% have shown an actual reversal, or mending of previous balding.

Readily available products include Revivogen and HairGenesis, these are yet to be fully scientifically proven treatments.

Specially formulated shampoos are also available that claim to reduce the effects of balding in both men and women. Nisim, for one example claims to guarantee reduction of excessive hair loss..

#3 Natural therapies

Natural therapies include those tried and tested old wives tale, and newly developed naturally produced concoctions. Most are silly myths but scientific research has proven that some stories may actually have their theories confirmed. Naturally standing on one’s head is not included as a successful treatment or shaving to thicken hair growth.

Natural therapies that have shown positive results include Australian Tea Tree Oil, Saw Palmetto, or Serenoa- the fruit of a small palm. Saw Palmetto is actually the base ingredient included in some commercial therapies

# 4 Concealers, wigs and toupees or hair salon systems.

Apart from the old fashioned comb over the use of wigs and toupees are the original options for dealing with hair loss. These are as popular today as they were a hundred years ago.

The market variety of wigs and toupees is simply astounding. There are even services available that create hair pieces from a clients own hair. Wigs and toupees are available in any hair coloring or texture, many even come already styled.

Modern synthetic fibers may also be used in the creation of wigs and toupees, often so closely resembling natural hair knowing the difference is a challenge in itself.

A similar option to the wig or toupee has been developed in hairdressing salons. These go by a number of names, such as hair extensions and weaves. Basically hair (synthetic or real) is woven into existing hair creating a new longer or fuller look.

If the thought of wearing a wig or toupee does not appeal to you, concealers are also available.

5. Buy the T-shirt.

Baldness is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about. In fact today it is very acceptable for someone that may not even suffer the effects of hair loss to shave their head.

Many who choose baldness as a fashion statement go to further lengths in wearing their proud bald look by polishing their bare heads.

A bald man does in fact stand out as a confident alpha male type, also giving the impression of someone who is open, and appearing approachable and friendly.

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