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5 Quick and Easy Tips To Prevent That Next Hangover

Remember after the last party waking up with the feeling of cotton in your mouth? With it came a swirling headache that turned into jungle drums. On top of it all, your stomach kept playing at acrobatics for hours. It kind of felt like your body was having a carnival, without you, right?

That’s the effect a hangover can have if you drink too much, mix liquors, or if you’re not used to drinking much at all. Alcohol poisoning is no fun, although events leading up to it may be. Before heading out with your pals to the next swinging party or celebration, keep the following tips in mind so you won’t have to deal with the leftover sick feeling late at night or the next day.

1. Eat before you go. Munch on a few crackers, a sandwich, or even a salad to get something in your stomach before drinking alcoholic beverages. Drinking on an empty stomach is a sure-fire way to get drunk fast and pollute your bodily systems. While at your place of imbibing, remember to nibble on something to eat from time to time to keep your stomach from getting empty. This will help your digestive tract to process the alcohol more effectively.

2. Take it easy. Don’t chug your liquor. Sip on it, nice and slow. This will help you enjoy its effects rather than be rushed into inebriation. Take in all the party enjoyments, such as music, companionship, food, and more. Liquor should accent rather than dominate your party experience. Keep an eye on the clock and pace your drinking so you don’t lose track of how many you have.

3. Stop in good time. Don’t guzzle all night long. Know your limit, and stop when you reach it. Don’t let anyone talk you into drinking more than you should. Never be drawn into competition with other drinkers, or you could end up in deep trouble if they drink long and hard.

4. Don’t mix liquors. Starting with beer and moving to mixed drinks, and from there, to whiskey, is a bad idea. With varying alcohol levels and uneven textures, your stomach could really get upset. Stay with one or maybe two types at most, the lower strength, the better. You can always try another kind the next time you go out.

5. Stay away from bootleg. You never really know what you’re getting in terms of strength, quality, or potency. If you’re with people you don’t know very well and black out, you could face serious problems. Even among friends, though, bootleg can vary from one batch to another, so it’s best to stay away from it altogether.

Plan to get at least eight hours of sleep after the celebration. This will give your body time to metabolize the liquor, and you may be able to sleep off most of its effects. Drink a little bit at a time, eat sensibly while you’re at it, and go home in plenty of time to get some rest.

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