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5 Types of Guys Who Always Seduce Women

What type of guy are you?

Sounds like a trick question, right? Well the reason I ask this question is because there are certain “types” of guys which women absolutely LOVE. If you can fit into one of these categories, you’ll discover that it’ll require very little effort to attract a woman.

Now have no fear! If you do NOT fit into any of the following “types” of guys, there is still you can use a woman’s attraction to your benefit. But, before we get to how to do that, let’s cover the 5 core categories of men which trigger instant attraction in a woman:

The Professor

Men with intelligence can be very sexual to many women. Simply behaving in an authoritative manner, you can make women insane with passion.

Of course, intelligence is the most evident in the “The Professor” archetype . To many women, he seems like a guy who is more mature then other men. His wide variety of knowledge makes women feel comfortable in his presence.

The Cop or Fireman

If you ever paid attention to women when their around firemen or police officers then you know many of them are instantly attracted to these type of guys. In fact, there are some women who turn into “sexual animals” whenever they have a chance to engage a cop or fireman in a conversation.

A lot of these tendencies have to do with these professions have a reputation for taking risks and saving the lives of others. Plus their uniform seems to attract women.

The Musician

Music has a direct link to people’s emotions. That’s why women can be easily seduced whenever their around “The Musician”.

To a lot of girls, a musician is more in tune with his emotions then other guys. In their heads, they think this guy can be a source of sensual lovemaking. Plus a woman might envision this guy writing a “special” song for her.

The Cook

Food is considered one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs known to man. By being able to whip a few fantastic meals, “The Cook” is a great person for attracting women.

When a man knows his way around a kitchen, he is showing positive qualities like creativity and a provider of pleasure. Both of these characteristics are highly attractive to many different women.

The Dangerous Guy

Women are intoxicated by a guy who can live his life on the edge and is not afraid to do his own thing. That’s why “The Dangerous Guy” is one of the most seductive personality traits to women.

This guy cares little for what others think. Instead he is not afraid to take risks in life. When around a man like this, women envision themselves going on exciting adventures and being pulled away from their boring lives.

Now after reading about these 5 types of guys you probably wonder what you can do if you DON’T fit into any of these categories. Well, it’s simple…

You can take action in your own life to display some of the core traits behind these personality types. For instance, you can become “The Professor” by volunteering to teach a community class in a subject you know.

Or you can become “The Musician” by picking up an instrument and learn how to play it.

And finally, you can become “The Dangerous Guy” by learning how to display alpha male characteristics whenever you’re around women.

So if you’re having with attracting beautiful women in your life, try to cultivate one of these personality traits. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can become more seductive around women.

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