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A Diamond Promise Ring – What Does It Mean?

Giving a diamond promise ring is a promise to love and cherish. A promise ring is the forerunner of a diamond engagement ring and it brings with it the promise of love and fidelity forever. Most young women receive a diamond promise ring to cement the relationship and let others know they have a significant other.

There are many styles you can choose from with diamond promise rings. You don’t have to stick to a white diamond and you might want to choose from natural colored diamond rings for a really unique promise ring. The diamond promise ring is not something new. It has its roots in the Scribbling Ring used in Europe hundreds of years ago. This type of promise ring contained imbedded diamonds and using the diamonds they could write love notes to each other.

The diamond promise ring is seen as a promise to get engaged to be married at a future date. The diamond promise rings are not as expensive as diamond engagement rings and the diamonds are usually smaller. You can use the diamond chips, such as those used in the 16th century, but usually these rings have white or natural colored diamonds set in yellow gold.

Before buying a diamond promise ring, you need to consider the recipient’s taste in jewellery. Some people prefer silver jewellery or white gold and this option exists when buying diamond promise rings. You can also look at the main color the person has in her wardrobe and spend a bit extra for a colored diamond in the ring. Natural colored diamond rings usually contain white diamonds, but you can have just about any color of diamond you wish.

The setting of the diamonds in a diamond promise ring is also something you have to consider. If the girl likes simple jewellery, a ring with a small stone is perfect. On the other hand, someone that likes contemporary styles would enjoy a promise ring with diamonds set in a chanel setting. You don’t have to stick to just diamonds either in diamond promise rings. Combining the diamond with other colored stones also looks very elegant.

The price of a diamond promise ring usually ranged from $100 to $400. Although promise rings are typically associated with women, you can also get men’s diamond promise rings. The prices for these are a bit higher because there is more metal used in making the rings. If you really want to be creative, you can have a diamond promise ring designed according to your specifications. For the amount of money this ring would cost, you are probably better off buying a diamond engagement ring instead.

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