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A Different Experience at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort

Alpine Meadows Ski Resort is located in Lake Tahoe. It operates only in the winter season. When in operation, Alpine is a laid back skiing destination.

Lake Tahoe provides some of the best skiing in the world. Alpine Meadows is located in the valley just below Squaw Creek. It was created with the idea that it would be a family place where the atmosphere was not like that of the other resorts in the area.

Alpine Meadows is made for the average family. This is the place for the first timer, for the family that just wants to experience skiing together and to learn as they go. It is laid back, not filled with the hustle and bustle of the other resorts in the area.

The mountain is dotted by a range of trees. There are junipers, western white and aspen trees that fill the landscape with natural wonder.

Despite their drive to stay grounded and avoid the jet setting atmosphere of Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows Ski Resort does provide some of the best skiing in the region. It is focused on providing an experience that is both friendly and adventurous.

Alpine has a variety of trails and terrain. There are many different choices and options for all different levels of skiers. Alpine Meadows also offers many amenities to cater to every need of their guests.

With 2,400 acres of skiing, they provides an amazing skiing experience. It is a different experience then you can get anywhere else in the Lake Tahoe area.

Alpine provides a winter getaway that is both family friendly and challenging. It offers a wide range of activities and a lot of adventure. This mountain is something that can not be missed.

My personal experience has shown that you should ski the back side in the morning before the snow gets slushy. Then slide over to the front side and enjoy the great bowl skiing that Alpine has to offer. I have had many wonderful days on this mountain and always found it to be a challenging ski mountain as well as a family friendly resort dedicated to making you ski experience as good as possible.

Be sure and make a trip to this resort the next time you are headed to Lake Tahoe for winter skiing fun. I guarantee you will enjoy your experience on this mountain. Many great days of snow fun have been had here and I go back every year to get my Alpine fun.

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