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A Few Brief Tips To Deal With Writing Rejection

1. Take a breather

You have probably been wondering and rattling your brain as to why you got rejected. Take a break, not a long one…some time for a breather. If you continue to constantly analyze why you were rejected, you will drive yourself crazy. Plus…if you decide after rejections to continue sending out new query letters, they may not be your best work. Why you ask Because you may not produce your best work under all the stress you have put yourself under over the rejections. You would not want more rejections because you did not have the energy to send out your best sales pitch.
Self esteem Failure is not an option

You might be down in the dumps…this is understandable, but do not allow yourself to be in the mood for too long. Have you had others read your work Did they like it, love it It is a good idea to remember all the positives, rather than negatives. If everyone who did not get what they wanted the first time quit, do you know what we had have A bunch of failures. They are not failures though for not getting it for the first time, rather they are if they quite
3. Motivation

Think about your favorite movie, song or book. Now, what if they stopped trying That favorite song, book or movie would not exist. If you give up, someone out there would not have a chance to have your work as a favorite. Think about it
Remember that rejection does not have to be the end of your journey unless you let it be. Good Luck

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