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A Gift Idea Or Two For the Camper

Do you have someone that you wish to come up with a gift idea who is an avid camper? If so, your gift selection has just been made easy. There are so many great gifts for campers that you’ll have no problem finding one that will fit any one on your gift list.

What sort of gift idea would a camping enthusiast enjoy? If they are a real camper, they probably have a good tent, sleeping bags and all the basic necessities, so you will want to select something somewhat out of the ordinary as a gift for the camper.

Lanterns and flashlights make a wonderful gift idea for the tent camper. There is no such thing as having too many oil lanterns or flashlights when in the dark away from city lights. Battery operated florescent or incandescent lanterns quite popular with the camping crowd because of the quality of the light produced. The light from these lanterns is easily sufficient to read a book at the picnic table or inside the tent and there is no danger of fire.

Ice chests and coolers make great gifts as well. These gifts come in just about any size you can possibly imagine. You may think your recipient probably already has a cooler, but some of the newest models add options that your loved one may not have already. A battery operated radio combined into a soft-sided cooler makes an excellent selection. A large cooler on wheels with a handle for easy transporting is another great option.

A well-accessorized picnic basket is another choice of gift your camping fan will love. Select a large basket that contains basic utensils and includes plates and cups. This makes transporting eating equipment much easier for the camper than packing everything into a box or bag. Speaking of food, how about some cookware especially for camping? A hot dog cooking rack that has a handle for holding it over the fire while the wieners cook makes a lovely camper’s gift. Steak racks are another choice for the real meat lover.

While camping, everyone loves to sit by the campfire at the picnic table and play games in the evening. You can select a traditional, ever-popular game such as chess, backgammon or checkers or choose on of the latest games. It is a good idea to steer clear of games that require a lot of small pieces or lots of paper items because an evening breeze can ruin the game. Instead, select a game that is sturdy and the pieces are heavier for stability. If possible, select a game that is waterproof or in a waterproof case in the event spills happen at the campsite or in transport. A great game to give campers is a set of horseshoes and stakes.

Binoculars are another great camper’s gift. If you want to go all out, a small telescope is a perfect gift because camping is usually done far from the city lights, allowing the whole night sky to be seen. If you know the gift recipient already had a telescope, a book about the night sky can make a well-appreciated gift.

Children need lots of activity during camping to keep them occupied and entertained. Beach balls, water canons, Frisbees, footballs or any one of the other outdoor items will be a well received gift idea for the young person who enjoys camping with friends or family.

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