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A new way in treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia ?

Serenoa repens known as saw palmetto has become enormous popular in the United States and it is the fifth top-selling herbal medicine on the market, according to a survey by Whole Foods magazine.

In Europe, medical doctors for years have prescribed Saw Palmetto and other phytomedicines to treat mild to moderate cases of BPH. Today in Germany alone, the sale of BPH products total 90 percent of sales which are using Saw Palmetto as their number one source.
So many people ask if there is another alternative way.

Lets look what G.Popa et al. have found in their clinical research in April 2005.


Efficacy of a Combined Sabal-Urtica Preparation in the Symptomatic Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.
Results of a Placebo-controlled Double-blind Study
This re-evaluation of a double-blind placebo-controlled therapeutic study of the combined sabal-urtica preparation PRO 160/120 investigates the
changes in the irritative symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) under the test substance in comparison with placebo.It was found that,over the study period of 24 weeks,the micturition symptoms frequency and urgency were statistically significantly improved under the well-tolerated PRO 160/120 in comparison with placebo.
The patient ‘s quality of life was also significantly better under PRO 160/120 in comparison with placebo.

So G.Popa, who is a urologist, and his team comes to the conclusion that the often distressing symptoms of BPH can be effectively ameliorated already after only a few weeks of treatment with the sabal-urtica preparation PRO 160/120. In particular those patients with the stigmatizing symptoms urinary urgency and frequency benefit from such treatment.

Maybe this could be a relief for people suffering from BPH. More than 50% of men older than fifty are affected by an enlargement of the prostate gland. Cause of that fact alone anyone could realize how important this topic is for mankind.

Jeff Conrad introduces Marcus Winter who is a medical doctor and who wants to give people the latest information on several health related topics for free.