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A Simple Way to Instantly Destroy Your First Date

How are you acting on your first date?

Well if you’re like the majority of guys, then you might be screwing up your date.

Now I know the first date can be a major stumbling block for a lot of men. You want to make a great first question and enjoy yourself. But you could be making a major mistake which you’re not even aware of.

Normally I like to give advice about “what to do” on your date. But today I think it’s more important to tell what NOT to do.

So what are you doing wrong?

It’s simple…

You’re putting too much pressure on the first date!

What do I mean?

Well I’m talking about the difference of view point that women and men have about the first date. For instance, a woman uses the first date to decide if a guy is worth dating. Whereas a guy normally comes to the first date already interested and nervous about making a great first impression.

So what normally happens is the guy is trying hard to say and do the right thing. Unfortunately his actions fill the date with nervousness and anxiety.

My advice is simple…

Don’t put too much pressure on the first date. Instead just relax and have fun with it.

One technique you can try is to reverse roles and use the first date to qualify her. You can have fun by lightheartedly letting her know that she needs to match YOUR standards. And if she fulfills your expectations, she’ll be allowed to go on future dates with you.

Also you need to remember that the first date is about qualifying one other. So instead of being like other guys, you should approach the date as a fun chance to meet a woman who MIGHT be interesting. Then if you have fun, you’ll decide to date her in the future.

So during your date, act in a sarcastic/joking manner about how you have criteria for what you want in women. Then every time she does something wrong, you joke around and tell her that she’s ruining her chances of a future date. If you can do this is in a fun way, you’ll demonstrate that you have a strict code of conduct. In addition, you’ll establish yourself as an alpha male who is the selector instead of the selectee.

The rationale behind this mindset is to show to the woman that you’re not afraid to be challenging. Unlike the guy who nervously approaches the first date, you’ll act like an old friend who immediately relaxes and enjoys himself.

So if you want to destroy your chances of having a great first date, then you’ll put too much pressure on the outcome. Instead of doing this, just relax, enjoy the interaction and qualify her.

When you do this, you’ll become a guy who is fun and challenging on the date.

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