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A Way of Being In the World

When you come to recognize that all consciousness is aligned in a vast network of cooperation, then you come to find a unique way of being in the world.

You come to recognize that it is rare that one is born a human being. It is difficult and rare to get the opportunity to understand spiritual teachings that lead to an exceptional way of being in the world. And it is rare, indeed, for one to make one’s life a blessing to all.

If you make an effort to be kind to all creatures, no matter how simple or primordial their form, and if you make it a point to be slow to anger and quick to forgiveness, then you are on your way to finding a way of being in the world that will magnify even beyond death.

Adopt this way of being in the world and revelation, a complete understanding of things, will come to you spontaneously. You will see that gratitude is a blessing, and that kindness, generosity, and compassion are the only options for true and abiding success.

The greater your station in life, the more it behooves you to become cordial to all; for, ultimately, you are answerable to yourself.

Transformation can only occur when you are in sympathy with all of life; when you reflect on your experiences and sweeten them with correction and resolve to express even more compassion and generosity in the future.

Caught in the cycles of economic survival and social interaction, we miss the central message of how rare it is to be a human being and how necessary it is to use our short time on this planet to work on evolving a better way of being in the world.

To be kind to all creatures, to be forgiving of all, to be reflective of your past experiences, and to be determined to bestow cordiality upon all will make you a blessing to all of life.

All your other successes are but a footnote to this type of greatness, for only in expanding the magnanimity of your soul will your life have been well spent.

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