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Amazing Austin Texas Bass Fishing

There are so many things to do in Austin that sometimes the simplest of pleasures are overlooked. While many take advantage of several of the outdoor activities in the Texas capital, Austin bass fishing is often underrated and ignored. However, if you want good, quality bass, there are several area lakes that can produce the results you desire. Here are just a few, along with suggestions on how and when to fish each one for best results.

For good, quality Austin bass, fishing at Lake Austin is the order of the day. Because the waters are warm, the lake is good for bass any time of year, though spring and fall are the most comfortable for both fish and fishermen due to the extreme heat in Texas and the outrageous amount of sun. This lake is well known among anglers with the popular description “Big Bass in Grass”. The reeds and boat docks on the shoreline are excellent hiding places for bass and can be fished from the shore with great results. Unfortunately, the vegetation is becoming a problem, with hydrilla overrunning the lake, and there are efforts in place to remove the plants before they begin to affect bass population.

Lake Belton offers excellent Austin bass fishing for hybrid striped bass and largemouth bass alike and can be fished year round. Constructed by the Corps of Engineers to control the Brazos River Basin flooding problems, it consists of 12,000 surface acres and 110 miles of shoreline with an incredible depth of 124 feet. Vegetation and timber are limited, making this a prime spot for bass to spawn. Hybrids can be caught with live bait used for bottom fishing or with crankbaits or jigs. Largemouth are most common from the end of February through the month of April and respond well to almost anything during their active spawning season. The lake also has a lesser population of smallmouth and white bass, especially in the creeks and coves where the water stays warmer.

Lake Travis is another producer of incredible Austin bass fishing. The fifth in the chain of Highland Lakes fed by the Colorado River, it is quite large at over 19,000 acres, with a maximum depth of 190 feet. Some areas of the lake are clear like a highland reservoir, while others are stained, which is more typical of a flatland impoundment. Fishing here is tough during the summer, but spring and fall can be quite productive for catching bass. Because the waters are clearer, you can easily downsize your bait and still get quite a catch, especially around the creeks that enter the lake. Topwater baits will get you going on cloudy days, while suspending jerk baits can be successful in heavy winds.

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