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An introduction to the Principles and Practice of Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine was known and practiced by almost all the ancient great civilizations and is
now being newly rediscovered by the West. Biomedical research is now moving in the direction of a new model for the human body, the Energy field model. This is the same model that the ancient civilizations of China and India based their philosophy and their medical systems upon. (The Ayurvedic and Yogic systems, the Acupuncture meridians etc.) This new model moves away from the premise that life came from chemical soup towards the concept that life came from electrical charges of energy i.e. physics rather than chemistry. At the basis of chemistry we find energy, electromagnetic or other forms of energy.

One of the basic premises of these energy based medical systems is that there is a circulation of energy in the body that follows an orderly path along the meridians. This energy is known as chi or prana. We already have proof of the existence of electrical fields’ e.g. EKG, EEG etc.

In addition to the circulation of energy, there is a force field of energy in and around a human body similar to the field around a magnet. This field can be impacted positively or negatively and it can be seen by certain sensitive individuals. It is also known as the aura. It generally extends a little beyond the body hence the term “Don’t invade my space”, if someone stands a little too close for comfort.

Then, there are the chakras. These are whirling vortexes of energy, situated along the spinal column. These are not physical but energetic in nature and they act as step down transformers. They step down the higher finer vibrations down to the physical level and these are believed to produce their effects at the level of the meridians, the mind and also at the hormonal level.

Another basic premise or concept of Energy Medical systems is that – this energy is not a mindless or as we say in medicine, subtentorial, kind of energy. Rather it has “intelligence”.
It knows what is wrong and will attempt to correct it. Also, it is possible to communicate with this inner intelligence to find out what is wrong and what can be done to correct it.

In physics, it is very well known that as you attempt to cut matter into smaller and smaller building blocks, you reach a stage at which you can go no further because matter dissolves into energy. Medicine, as it stands today is light years behind physics.
In Ayurvedic Medicine, there is the concept of the three doshas – pitta, vata and kapha. These are thought to lie at the energy-matter interface or the mind-body junction. Mind is considered to be in the realm of energy. That is why the mind can effect a powerful impact on the individual person’s health.

This flow of energy can be impacted negatively or even blocked, in many ways. Toxins like pesticides, plastics, chemicals can block its flow. So can negative emotions as well as negative thought patterns. A cut made across acupuncture meridian can impede the flow of energy through the meridian. There are several other ways, too numerous to mention in this article that the flow of energy can be blocked.

The methods of treatment at the vibrational level are also too numerous to mention them all. Homeopathy, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs, Sound, Light and Color therapy, Meditation and Yoga are just a few. In fact, electrical healing is now going mainstream. Several articles have been published on the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields in accelerating bone healing in fractures.

The basic principle on which most of the energy healing systems work is the principle of harmonics. We all know, from our school level physics that if you line up a set of tuning forks and then strike one, soon all of them will be vibrating at the same frequency. To further understand this we need to look at another concept of energy medicine that is “disease first occurs at the vibrational level”. Not at the cellular or even DNA but beyond that at the level of this energy flow or force field that I mentioned earlier and so the cell or tissue or organ will first begin to vibrate at a “sick frequency” before any disease has appeared or can be detected by chemical or radiological means. Conversely, a diseased organ or tissue etc can be treated (provided the illness is not far advanced) by introducing the “well” vibration and soon per the principle of harmonics, the organ will take up the healing vibration and return to health. So homeopathy for example will work as an all or none phenomenon. Either the “remedy” as it is called will work, if it is the right vibration or it will do nothing at all.

Energy Medicine has its limitations. There are certain things it can or cannot do. It cannot treat disease in the Western medical sense. It rebalances energies or a blocked or stressed flow of energy along a meridian pathway can be corrected. There is no cook book to follow for each disease or illness because each individual is different. That is why it is complementary medicine. Western medicine and Energy medicine can be likened to the Electromagnetic spectrum. Western Medicine is like the visible light, and then you have what lies outside, the invisible portion which may be likened to Energy Medicine.

Dr.Aruna Bakhru is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. Additionally, she was awarded a Fellowship from the American College of Physicians. She has been listed in the millennium edition of Marquis Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare and Who’s Who in the World.

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