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Anything Better Than The Amazon Kindle 2?

(Disclaimer: I am a huge fan of the Amazon Kindle. To me it simply is one of the most useful devices to come around in a long time. So, if you are looking for an unbiased review of the Amazon Kindle, you’ve come to the WRONG place!)

Like many other things, the future of reading has gone electronic. E-book readers like the Kindle have been flying off store shelves, and why not? All-in-one shopping, buying and immediately downloading books online at anytime and anywhere, all without the need of a computer (downloading is done on the reader itself) is amazing. While there are several brands of ebook readers to choose from on the market, don’t bother to look beyond the top models available, since many of the rest are still in beta. By far one of most proven brands is the Amazon Kindle 2.

The K2 is fast drawing away from competition, so if you are in the market for an electronic reader, you should look into this device. People are moving in droves away from paper copies and are going digital with all of their reading. That seems to be the trend both fashionably and functionally these days. Not only is it handier to read in this way, the environmental impact is considerable.

While the first e-book readers were designed to hold up to 200 novels, the new Amazon Kindle 2 can hold over 1500 tomes. Though that may seem like more words than anyone would care to read, the point is that you can carry an entire library inside the device. It is a mere one-third of an inch thick and only weighs ten ounces, which is less than a typical paperback. This makes for portable, pleasurable reading.

There have been a few other improvements with the K2 wireless reading device over the original version. The display screen has been improved to more closely resemble reading from paper, with sixteen shades of grey for clearer text and crisper images. The battery life has been extended by twenty-five percent, and page turning is now twenty percent faster. It also has a feature that allows you to adjust the text size for your needs.

One of the latest novel features of the Amazon Kindle 2 is that it now has a text-to-speech function. This lets you have your magazines and newspapers read to you, if you so choose; and makes a wonderful companion when you drive or do other work, which requires visual concentration and your hands to be free. The K2 is exclusive to Amazon, where you have over 250,000 different book choices, plus a large assortment of magazines, newspapers and blogs. You can also download ebooks at a much lower price.

Kindles are fascinating devices. Try carrying around over 1,500 books yourself. That would be hard on the shoulders but this device can do it. Find out more by clicking here: Amazon Kindle 2