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Are Aromatherapy Candles Any Good For You?

Along with the rise in popularity of aromatherapy we have seen an increase in the introduction of aromatherapy candles to the market. The problem with this is that a great deal of these are not authentic aromatherapy candles and if they do not contain pure essential oils they are giving you no benefit other than lightening your wallet.

In many cases these candles being sold as aromatherapy candles are merely fragrant candles and have no essential oils at all. While there may be a pleasant scent and the pretty flicker of light it isn’t doing anything for you in the way of aromatherapy. If you are after the therapeutic benefits you need to be aware of what to look for.

In addition to many of the candles on the market that claim to be aromatherapy, there are also a great many of these that can be harmful, containing substances like neurotoxins, carcinogens, and reproductive toxins such as phenol, xylene, and benzene. It’s bad enough that they don’t contain pure essential oils without poisoning you as well. Acetone exposure can irritate your entire respiratory system and result in fainting or dizziness. Benzene exposure will cause drowsiness and unconsciousness with long term exposure causing leukemia.

As you can see there are many health concerns to be aware of in addition to merely not getting what you have paid for. It is actually best to use a natural beeswax candle that burns clean so that you know you aren’t getting any toxins. Once you have the beeswax candles you can easily create your own aromatherapy experience by adding some of your favorite essential oils to the puddle of wax around the wick which will give off the aromatic vapors.

Another method that is used by many to get the benefits of aromatherapy is to purchase an essential oil diffuser. These are relatively easy to find locally or online and are a safe way to get the aromatherapy vapors flowing in the room. Another non burning method of using the essential oils is to mix them with a little water to create a spritzer that you can spray where you want. Of course you can use the essential oils as massage oil and have them rubbed right into your skin along with a carrier oil but you really need a partner for that.

Look around and see what is available, using these tips to help guide you and remember this, a true aromatherapy candle will not be cheap. If you see some that make the claim and they are inexpensive you need to check them out thoroughly. If you go the route of adding the essential oils to the candles yourself be extra careful due to the flammability of the oils.

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