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Article Writing – Latest Ways to Jumpstart Your Article Writing

Writing your first article can be really challenging but with enough practice and determination, this task will get easier overtime.

Here’s how you can jumpstart your article writing:

1. Establish your reasons. Why do you want to write articles? Write down the reasons why you’re writing your articles in a piece of paper and post it in front of your computer or where you can easily see it each time you’re writing your articles. You will need to do this as your objectives will keep you going and will help you not to get off tracked in the long run.

2. Define your audience. Who are the people who’ll read your articles? Are they coming from US or from Middle East and Asia? What language are they using? Are you writing for men or women or both? What is their age bracket? What put them in a position of needing your expertise in your chosen niche? Research your target audience thoroughly. The more information you gather about these people, the better.

3. Learn the ropes of creating killer, punchy titles. What makes a certain title very effective? Based on experience, you can get more people to pay attention to your articles if your titles are very descriptive (they must summarize your content) and benefit-driven (tell your readers what’s in it for them). It would also help if you keep them short and if you make them sound very smart.

4. Know how to impress your readers. What can you possibly do to leave your readers 100% satisfied? Well, you must offer them with information that they can use in reaching their dreams or in improving the quality of their lives. It would also dramatically help if you make your articles easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

5. Keep your readers interested. As a writer, you obviously would want your audience to read your articles until the end. This can happen if you know how to hold their attention. I suggest that you use the inverted pyramid technique. Also, ensure that each of your paragraphs is worthwhile. They must each contain compelling information that will wow your readers.

6. Use keywords. Aside from focusing on giving your readers with great content and great reading experience, you also need to focus on making your copies search engine-friendly. This is something that you need to do so your target audience will easily find your articles online. Perform a keyword research and use popular terms together with their synonyms on your articles.

7. Make your articles readable. Your audience will surely be enticed to read your articles until the end if they’re easy on the eyes. Break them down into several short segments. Use very short paragraphs that contain no more than 5 sentences. Also, use subheadings and tell your readers ahead of time what your next paragraph is all about.

8. Be confident. Sound like somebody who’s an authority in your chosen niche when writing your articles. You must be 100% sure on the information that you’re giving out and you must deliver the information you have with strong conviction. You will need to do this if you don’t want your readers to doubt your credibility and expertise.

9. Stick with facts. Although exaggerating things can initially help you capture the attention of your target audience, this will not help you build a great reputation in the online arena. So, stick with truth and do not resort to blatant lies.

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