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Banana Fruit: Plantain Health Benefits

Banana (or Plantain) health food: The banana is of great nutritional value. It has a rare combination of energy value, tissue-building elements, protien, vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of calories being richer in solids and lower in water content than any other fresh fruit.

Banana for energy
A large banana supplies more than 100 calories. It contains a large amount of easily assimable sugar, making it a good source of quick energy and an excellent means of recovery from fatigue. The use of bananas has been found beneficial in the treatments of several disorders such as intestinal disorders, constipation, arthritis, gout, anaemia, allergies, kidney stones, tuberculosis and urinary disorders.

Banana and longevity
Folk physicians of ancient Persia and India regarded this golden fruit as natures secret of perpetual youth. Even today, banana is known for promoting healthy digestion and helping create a feeking of youthfulness. It helps promote the retention of calcium, phosphorous and nitrogen which then work to build sound and regenerated tissues, which is an aid to youthful metabolism.

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