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Benefits of Submitting Your Website to Search Engine Friendly Directories

If you are serious about getting your website exposed to as many people as possible, then you should consider submitting your website to search engine friendly directories. You might be asking yourself, “what are these directories anyways?” Well, let me explain.

Search engine friendly directories are human edited directories that contain many different categories and sub-categories, and within these categories are websites filled with content related to that category. The benefit of all this is that the search engines love these directories because they are real content that people actually benefit from. These directories do not accept spam sites that are just out there to get you to click on ads or buy their products. Therefore, the search engines love these directories and spider them daily and follow the links throughout the site and then go to the sites contained within those categories and spider them also and add them to their search engine index.

You may be telling yourself, well my website is already indexed, what is the point of submitting it to these directories? Well, it is more relevant content related links pointing to your site. The more related links you have pointing to your site, the higher a search engine will value your site and will help you move up in the rankings for that particular keyword you are focusing on in your site. You also get the benefit of receiving traffic from people visiting these directories browsing for certain themed websites. Lots of people go to search engine friendly directories instead of searching for sites in a search engine due to the fact that the majority are human edited directories and they know they will arrive at a quality site full of content and resources and will most likely find what they are looking for.

So now that you have a better idea on what these directories are and the benefits of them…how do you submit to these directories and how do you find these directories? Well, I am going to list a few ways to go about finding these directories for you:

1. – You want to definitely try to get listed in this directory. It may take a long time to get listed, but if you do it will be well worth it.

2. – Another must submit to directory, make sure you submit your website to this one also.

3. You can search for search engine friendly directories by going to a search engine and typing in the following phrase: “search engine friendly directories” and hitting search. This will bring up a vast amount of results for you to go through. Some will be actual directories and some will be forums and pages talking about directories that are worth submitting to or not.

Byran Kempa for Webdirplus Web Directory