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Bidding Web Directory FAQ

What is a bid-for-position directory?

A bidding web directory (also known as a bid-for-position directory or bid-for-placement directory or BFP) is similar to other general directories found all over the internet. However there is one critical difference.

A general web directory ranks websites according to their traffic, alphabetical order, submission date or Google PageRank.

A BFP directory ranks sites according to the dollar contributions that each site receives. (Some sites accept other currencies too).

For example, a site contributing five dollars would be placed higher than a site contributing two dollars. Now, it is not necessary that the contributions have to come from the site owner. Any visitor who finds a site useful can contribute to its listing. This way the BFP system becomes an open ranking system for websites, where each user is free to vote with his contributions.

Why should you list a site in a bid-for-position directory?

1.Bid-for-position directory directories offer great value for money. Currently most of the Bid-For-Position Directories are offering permanent listings. Many new BFP directories are offering permanent links for as low as one dollar.

2.BFP directories offer full control of the site’s position to the webmaster. The webmaster can get his site even to the homepage of a BFP directory, provided he is willing to contribute the necessary amount. General web directories restrict sites to a category that they think is suitable.

3.BFP directories offer a gradual investment option. As most BFP directories start at a low price, a webmaster doesn’t have to risk a large amount at the time of initial submission. A BFP directory allows the webmaster to up his bid as many times as he wants. If a webmaster is not sure whether a directory will be marketed well in the future, he can bid the minimum amount. Later he can increase the bid if he finds the directory is doing well.

Which bid-for-position directory should you submit to?

BFP directories are a relatively new phenomenon and there aren’t many good ones around.

Before getting involved in a “bidding war”, you must know your limits.

A website will remain on the homepage of a bidding directory as long as it is amongst the top ten (twenty for some sites) bidders. If you are not sure, whether you can afford to remain there, don’t bid big.

It is much wiser, to bid the minimum amount at the most competitive bid directories and use the extra cash for obtaining home page links from mid-level bidding directories.

My strategy is to try to get listed on homepages of only those bidding directories, whose top bid is within my budget.

It doesn’t make sense to bid big money to get listed at bottom of the homepage, only to get displaced by other sites within the next few days.

If used wisely, bidding web directories can offer immense benefits to your sites. Recklessly getting involved in a “bidding war” would be neither good for your rankings nor your budget.

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