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Blind Dating Tips For Single Guys

Anyone who has played the dating game long enough will have had his share of blind dates. With the growing popularity of dating services and the internet, blind dates have become even more commonplace than ever before.

Today’s smart singles know their way around the blind date. They know that, as in all dating situations, confidence is one of the keys to success. Its hard to be confident when you know next to nothing about the person you are dating, and that’s where this article can help.

This one gives advice on things to watch out for after you say ‘hello’.

(1) The First Meeting
The first five minutes of a blind date can decide whether you click or crumble. Some trepidation is natural since you’re facing a new and uncertain situation. But remember that you’re together for a good reason and you either have important things in common, have had great chemistry online or have a mutual friend who thinks you’re perfect for each other, so be upbeat and positive.

Always greet your date with a big, warm smile. You don’t have to try hard to impress her. Rather, be yourself. Never say something like, “you’re not what I expected,” since this can be taken as an insult even when it’s not. Better to avoid any expectations at all.

(2) Listen, listen, listen
Once your date has started, listen carefully to what she has to say. Don’t listen for the sake of just listening and waiting for your turn to speak. Try to understand what she’s saying and act interested.

However, remember to also talk about yourself and give her a chance to get to know you as well – just don’t overpower the conversation.

(3) Don’t delve into personal stuff
Never talk about anything too personal on a first date, no matter how comfortable you are with a new person. You don’t want to reveal too much too soon.

For instance, you never want to talk about your hurt and pain in a past relationship. That’s way too much info for a first date (or probably any date).

(4) Avoiding uncomfortable silences
At times, neither of you will have anything to say, but don’t fret. Silence isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if the silence is getting uncomfortable, you can break it by talking about how you ended up together. If it’s through a mutual friend, you can talk about him or her. Bear in mind that you are together because you have things in common (even if it’s only your mutual friend) so explore those things.

(5) Don’t be a cheapskate
The point is to make a good impression and to make her feel special. That won’t happen if you bring a free coupon for food or if you start calculating expenses right in front of her.

At the end of the date, you will know if you want to see her again. If you do, ask her if the two of you can get together next week. Be confident but don’t be too eager. Remember that if one person feels a date was great, chances are the other person will feel that way too.

If it didn’t go well, chances are she will share that feeling. Don’t be rude. Tell her you had a good time and thank her for making the effort to turn up.

Believe me, if the date was bad, she won’t mind if you don’t call at all.

Jodie Brittain, from Slinky Dating Australia ( is a Aussie expert on Online Dating, running one of the country’s bigger Internet Dating websites.

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