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Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding For Geeks

Are you a pure downright geek at heart yet you still have the burning desire to gain muscle and gain muscle fast? Well first of all are you the token nerdy looking guy, either skinny with no muscle or fat with no muscle? If you’re fat, you’re at an advantage because you tend to find it easier to put on body mass, you’re just been too lazy to do so in the past, right? If you’re that skinny nerd(like me), then you’ll be the opposite when it comes to putting on weight, meaning it’s going to be hard and require a lot of work.

The Skinny Nerds Guide To Building Muscle

Now Mr. Skinny Nerd let me guess, you don’t eat a lot do you? Which is probably the main reason why you’re so skinny. That and the fact you probably eat a lot of junk as opposed to healthy nutrient-rich food. Now I’m not bagging you out here, as I just said before I’m a huge nerd myself, I spend a good chunk of the day on the internet and I love it, however I also wanted to look good and I knew the only way I was ever going to achieve that, was if I spent the rest of the time not online for firstly eat lots and secondly training hard.

If you’re not eating 6 good size meals a day then you aren’t going to have chance in hell at building any muscle in the gym. And by good meals I don’t just mean a couple of fast food meals and some Twinkies on the side! Here’s what I like to eat during the day –


Four eggs on two pieces of toast, a large bowl of oats and a protein shake.


A protein shake and two banana sandwiches


500 grams of chicken breast mixed with a cup of rice or pasta with the equivalent portion.


Protein shake, four eggs and a banana tuna sandwich


A hardy meal with 500grams of red or white meat, potatoes/pasta/rice and vegetables

Post Dinner

Two tuna sandwiches

Guess what? It’s not enough as I’ve just hit a plateau in terms of my muscle growth and now I need to eat more to shock my body into believing it needs to grow again. If you aren’t eating this much or close to it, you will never put on any significant muscle and unfortunately you’ll stay a weak little nerd for the rest of your life and you probably won’t be able to get too many girls as a result. Sorry about that one but it’s the truth.


Training MUST consist of a heavy weight training routine. That means heavy weights and low repetition sets, making sure however that you are cycling the intensity every 2 months, meaning you drop back to lighter weights with high repetition sets. This won’t enable your puny body to have a rest. It will be constantly shocked into growing, that is until it reaches a serious plateau, where the best thing to do is to increase the amount of calories you take in daily.

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