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Brazil is the Sun Soaked Party

By day, holidays to Brazil are all about sinking your toes into the silky soft sands. Sitting back in your sun longer while a friendly local rattles you up a fiery drink. Joining in an energetic game of volleyball as a cool sea breeze washes over you.

By night, its about getting your glad rags on and shimmying down to the buzzing bars and clubs. One thing for sure, no one knows how to party quite like the Brazilians. Its in their blood. Its almost as if they were born quaffing and swinging their hips in time to the beat. To these people, dancing comes as naturally as breathing so rhythm is as important as suncream when youre packing up to come here.

Brazil holidays offer up a beach break from the norm. So if you want to inject a little Latino spirit into your life, look no further than this sizzling South American slice.

White sands dotted with impossibly bronzed bodies. Maraca rattling revellers clad in the full colours of the carnival. Cocktail fuelled hips swaying to that sultry samba beat. Brazil is the sun soaked party playground of South America that will leave you weak at the knees.

By day, send a volleyball sailing over the net in playful Natal. Pose on the world famous shores of Rio and feel the power of the plunge at the spectacular Iguassu Falls.

By night, sip zesty caipirinhas and step to the beat with a nation that really knows how to party. Whatever you decide to do here, we suggest you hold on tight Brazil will take you on one hellish ride.

Brazils beaches are legendary with the best of Bahias located to the south of its beautiful coastline. With their golden sands, palm trees and yearend sunshine the beaches are largely unspoilt. Unlike Brazils southern coastline around Rio de Janiero they are largely underdeveloped and many have conservation areas protecting the many turtles that come ashore at night to lay their eggs. However many do have water sports available but care should be taken in some areas when swimming as there are strong currents.

Special tours of Brazil can be prebooked and take you to the stunning National Iguassu Park, the remarkable Amazon and to Rio de Janiero with its famous Copacabana beach, Sugar Loaf Mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Alternatively the historic city of Salvador and capital of Bahia has plenty to see. More than anywhere else in Brazil, the African influence in the makeup of Brazilian culture is readily visible here. From the spicy cuisine to the ceremonies of candombli which honour both African deities and Catholic holidays, to the Capoeira a unique African form of ritualistic fighting, its a real experience Add to this the Portuguese influenced churches and colonial buildings and the biggest street carnival in the world, there is certainly plenty to enjoy here.

Wherever you travel in Brazil, you are sure to find something to spend your money on. Shopping opportunities abound with the best buys being pottery, soapstone carvings, basketwork, knotted rugs, paintings and leather goods are also widely available.

Douglas Scott works for The Rental Car Hire Specialist. and is a free lance writer for The Brazil Rental Site