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Bring Out The Beauty Of Your Face With The Correct Use Of Blush

Some people are blessed with natural blushing color and high cheekbones. For the rest of us we need a little help to achieve the same healthy glow. When you were a child you had a sweet pink tint to your cheeks, to keep that youthful tint most women use blush.

Why Use Blush?

Blush can perk up your face quickly and without effort. Some reasons to use blush are;

It will brighten your appearance, taking away the washed out pale look from spending a lot of time indoors.

Blush can also give the tired woman an instant bright eyed look even when you feel exhausted.

Choosing Your Color

Women are often confused over which color to buy when sopping for blush. To find your perfect color;

Try thinking about when you exercise or do something strenuous, that color that appears on your cheeks during is the color to match.

If you don’t care to try the former then pinch your cheeks and wait a second or two. The color that arrives is the color of blush you need.

Choosing a Type of Blush

Once you have decided on your color it is time to pick what type of blush you prefer. All types of blush are fine to use, there are four different kinds;

Powder blushes are good because anyone can wear them. Powder blush is known for long lasting color.

Gel blushes provide more of a translucent shine, best for oily to normal skin types. You can apply with your fingertips and it dries quickly.

Cream blushes are thick in consistency but not overwhelming once they are dry. You can apply it with your fingertips, and is best for dry skin.

Tint blushes are like a cheek stain. You have to apply fast since they dry quickly and last until washed off. You want to be careful applying because there is no room for mistakes with tint blush.

The Right Time to Apply

It is important to apply makeup in the correct order so you can make the best of your beauty.

1.Apply foundation.
2.Apply powder.
3.Apply eye shadow.
4.Apply eye liner.
5.Apply mascara.
6.Apply lip liner and lipstick.
7.Apply blush.

You need to put all makeup on before applying blush so you know the amount needed to blend with your makeup.

Applying Blush

When applying blush it is helpful to know what shape your face is and apply accordingly. Follow these steps for the best look.

Follow the shape of your face and find the apple (the rounded part) of your cheek.

Dip your brush or applicator into the blush and tap it to shake of the excess.

Look into the mirror and smile.

Find the apple of your cheek once again and apply following the natural contour of your cheek down along to your hairline. Blend the color so there is no line; you want the look and color to seem natural.

Use a large brush and if you put on to much dab over with face powder.

Bring out your natural blush with these tips and let your beauty shine!

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Makeup and Beauty at