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Carb Loading: Nutrition for Mountain Biking

One of the most common practices to improve athletic performance is through nutrition for mountain biking.

Athletes who participate in endurance riding know about getting nutrition for mountain biking by storing extra energy in the muscle tissue for endurance riding.

The right nutrition for mountain biking is essential for endurance riding and is commonly referred to as “carb loading.”

Glucose is the fuel the body extracts from the breaking down of carbohydrates.

The glucose, called glycogen, is stored in the liver and muscle tissue.

The more glucose (bloodstream) and glycogen (muscle tissue) the body can access when in endurance situations the longer the muscles will continue performing at an optimal level and avoid fatigue.

The newest scientific findings suggest that athletes should eat a diet of 70 percent carbohydrates three days prior to an event, and physical workouts should get shorter prior to an event.

The increased carbohydrates should come from reducing protein and fat and not by simply increasing caloric content otherwise weight gain can result.

A diet of higher intake of carbohydrates should be only temporary as an extended high carbohydrate diet decreases other essential nutrients.

Go For It Outside: Nutrition for Mountain Biking Leads to Great Fitness, Exercise and Health

Feed your great outdoor spirit with mountain biking for fitness and exercise.

Mountain bike riding is low impact, gets you off the treadmill, and into the great outdoors.

Now you know about nutrition for mountain biking, but is the price of equipment standing in your way?

Good used equipment can save you serious bucks and get you on the fast track to fitness outdoors.

If you don’t want to ride alone all the time, check out the social scene as well.

Go online, and you’ll find mountain bike cycling groups and great resources for places to ride.

Just don’t forget the safety equipment! See the world and all its glory right from your handle bars!

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