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Career Development Tip . . . Time for a Check-up!

I know! I know! I hardly have time to think about what I have to do tomorrow. So what’s this about a career development check-up? I have a good job I’m happy with. Isn’t this all just a monumental waste of time?

This reaction makes a lot of sense if we lived in a perfect world where there were no bumps in life . . . or in our career.

But just take a look at recent history to see how fast things can change. There are the obvious changes caused by 9/11 and Katrina. But also recent mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, oil prices, world conflicts, etc. Not mention dramatic and sometimes unpredictable changes in our personal lives like births, deaths, sickness, divorce or unexpected loss of employment.

So, when it comes to your job or career, you have to think of it as an investment. After all, a lot depends on your regular paycheck . . . personal success, family welfare, future growth, home, car, vacations. If that investment suddenly fails, where do you stand?

Of course, we don’t like to think of things like that, but they happen anyway. And this is where a career check-up comes into play. In a few simple steps you refresh your career goals and objectives. Then take some steps to give yourself the assurance that if anything ever happened to jeopardize your job or career you’re covered.

We call it having a “Failsafe Career!”

Basically you take the time while you’re at the top of your game to plan ahead for the next step. You do that either to avoid crashing from a sudden job loss. Or to make sure you have a smart track to run on for the future.

Why is it worth having a Failsafe Career?

Once you’ve completed this forward-thinking strategy you’re good to go for the rest of your life! You have an intelligent plan for the future. And you’re protecting your most important investment . . . YOU!

Fortunately, there’s a carefully-crafted program that can walk you through this important check-up and give you the insurance policy you need to guarantee you won’t be shorted in the future. Check it out!

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