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Child Safety From Sexual Predators In My Area

The FBI states that there are sexual offenders in every square mileof the country.

You, as a parent, can protect you child from sexual predators by finding them in your area. You can do a number of things if any live by you. You can activley engage in immediate action and long term solutions that give you and your child an added measure of safety: skills that will teach them to keep themselves safe from sexual predators when you are not around.

Sexual predators, in fact, any people that use and abuse children in anyway, are vermin that must be stopped. Abuse ruins lives. Abuse tears apart families. Abuse devastates the child victim and their self image.

There are resources available that will help you to stop the criminals. You can thwart sexual predators cold in their tracks. You can stay in front of the problem.

And, the problem cannot be overstated. According to a study released in 2002 by the National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrown-away Children (NISMART II), an estimated 6 children per hour are abducted by a non-family member. In approximately 50% of these cases, the children are sexually assaulted. By the time children are 18, the surveys indicate that as many as one in eight boys and one in five girls will have been sexually abused.

This makes every child a potential target for sexual predators. This could make your child an unwitting target, too. Don’t let that happen!

Sexual predators are on our streets, in our neighborhoods and at our schools. Not only are they there, they are an ever growing danger on the Internet.

Be prepared and take charge of you child’s safety. Threats are everywhere in today’s dangerous world. They all must be stopped.

Our kids must be safe.

Who wouldn’t want to sleep just a little better at night knowing their child is just a little safer? We are here to keep kids safe, all kids. Sometimes, we even help make better families in the process.

The solution starts with you, the parents. Never assume to leave your child’s safety in today’s dangerous world to chance. Never assume an assault on you child could never happen to you.

Take charge and control of your child’s safety right now. Make sure your kids know you are in charge of it, too. While most kid’s reactions are negative to more parental control, they subconsciously need guidance from you. They need to know their safety matters to you, so tell them and show them it does. It’s all about the kids.

Predators are difficult for most of us to recognize. Any parent will gladly stand guard in their yard or take their turn patrolling the street in front of the house watching out for predators. However, watching out for sexual predators searching for your child is just not that simple.

First of all, the media does all of us a disservice. Yes, it is trendy to blame the media for all kinds of ills. When it comes to predators, we are not blaming the media for a problem, as much as alerting you to the shortcomings of movies, television shows and yes, even newscasts.

Movies and television shoes depict predators as if they came from Mars. We see dirty, leering, filthy adults that would make sewer rats cringe, as they slink and lurk behind garbage cans.

Newscasts have become focused more on ratings and selling advertising than hard real news. There are just too many confusing pieces of information and messages out there for most parents to filter through. Unfortunately, a lot of the information on child safety, although well intended, is old, outdated, useless or just plain wrong. Many ideas and notions about sexual predators are just plain wrong, too.

Who are these predators and how can you recognize them? You really can’t. If there is one message for you to understand, it is this one. Sexual predators look like everyone. They look like your neighbors. They look like the people at the grocery store. They
look like everyday, normal individuals.

First, sexual predators are difficult to spot. Not only do they look like us but they drive vehicles just like we do, too. They drive family vehicles that are like every other car on the road.

What we are saying is this: there is no real way to go about your daily life and be able to spot sexual predators. This is why we teach kids the added advantage of keeping themselves safe. This is why we arm kids with all kinds of tool and techniques so they can deal with people, people in general, so that if in the end they shed their disguise as normal people and reveal the hidden sexual predator, your child can be safe.

The Jeffrey Dahmer’s, John Wayne Gasey’s and Ted Bundy’s of this world were described as the “nice guys next door.” All of them were prowling predators no one spotted.

So, teach your child safety technqiues that protect them from people they do nowt know very well. Safety from all strangers will also include the bad ones and therfore not make any assumptions, most that could be wrong, about anyone’s character. Real safety comes with protection techniques from strangers in general.

Joyce Jackson is a child safety expert in northern California. For her extensive website and information see Keeping Kids Safe and a free special report at STOP Predators COLD!