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Choosing the Right Golf Club for You

Golf club selection can be difficult for seasoned players, and even more so for beginners. There are so many variables in this difficult choice different club types, designs, and features, not to mention your own skills, swing and needs. To help you make a choice, or at least narrow the field, the following information on golf clubs is an overview designed to help you make the right golf club selection for you.

Cast Iron Golf Club
With cast iron golf clubs the majority of the weight in the golf club is around the perimeter of the club head. This feature makes the sweet spot larger, which is great for both beginners and those who encounter difficulty making full contact.

Forged Iron Golf Club
The choice of professionals due to design and function, the forged iron golf club has a slightly heavier toe, with the center of the gravity for the golf club at the center of the club head. Forged iron golf clubs are an alternative as your experience and skill increases.

Club sizes
Golf clubs are available in a range of sizes to suit the player, from standard to midsize, and even oversized.

Standard clubs have a smaller head, meaning a smaller sweet spot as well, and are the usual choice for advanced players and professionals.

The beauty of a midsize golf club is the larger sweet spot for better ball contact. The head size is a little larger than the standard golf club, and these clubs are the best choice for players with average skill as they are easy to control.

If you have a hard time hitting the ball straight, oversized golf clubs are for you. They have a huge sweet spot, and some control is sacrificed because of it, but this does not stop this being the choice of many seniors as the huge sweet spot gives you much longer distance!

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