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Cincinnati is a City in Ohio

Cincinnati is a city in south western Ohio, in the United States of America, that lies on the Ohio River.

The city enjoys a rich cultural history, particularly in choral and orchestral music, dating from German settlement in the nineteenth century. Once the nations pork capital and the countries largest city, Cincinnati today is home to several leading national corporations.

Despite its size, the cliche of big city small town feel is a reality here. The downtown neighbourhood is compact and with little effort you can reach even on foot lovely hills overlooking downtown and the Ohio River. Since Cincinnati is by a river, we have hills and water and banks and all sorts of pretty, picturesque places.

The Childrens Theatre of Cinncinnatis rich history began over 80 years ago. Cincinnatis two Art Deco masterpieces were erected just at the end of the booming 1920s and the beginning of the Depression. The Art Museum is one of the countries oldest visual arts institutions and the first general art museum west of the Alleghenies to be established in its own building. Built in 1878 this Cincinnati showpiece has been renovated and updated and includes what is judged to be among the best and most beautiful concert theatres in the world.

Eden Park was assembled by a series of purchases beginning in 1859. The name came, naturally, from the Garden of Eden and was given by Nicholas Long worth who owned a large tract which constitutes the main portion of the park.

The nightlife is speckled with trendy, be seen places and quaint neighbourhood bars. Local music is hot, too, and is featured at many bars and restaurants. Cincinnati sits in a unique culinary band. The gamut with simple meat and potatoes, spaghetti esque chili and goetta for breakfast is a favourite.

Cincinnati could boast of a diversified economy that made it relatively recession proof compared with other Midwestern cities dependent on motor vehicle and heavy machinery manufacturing. The city prospered as the headquarters of Procter and Gamble.

Expect snow often during the winter months. Spring is rainy season with an average rainfall of 40 inches, bringing summer flowers into bloom. Summer heat hits the low 80s but it feels hotter as humidity is high. Fall is the best season with warm temperatures and little rainfall.

The riverfront is being revitalized under The Banks project. The city is undergoing significant changes due to an influx of new development and private investment as well as the beginning of the often stalled The Banks project.

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