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Colon Cleansing Herb: Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a common colon cleansing herb. It is also known as Capsium frutescens. It is often used together with other herbs for body detoxification. Cayenne pepper is also a vital ingredient in the popular detox diet called the Master Cleanser or otherwise known as the lemonade diet. When you use cayenne pepper to colon cleanse, you can improve your digestive problems, cramping, bloating or blood circulation.

The biggest benefit of consuming cayenne pepper is that it moves the blood. The natural properties of the pepper improve the smooth flow of blood through your body. That happens because capsaicin, a key component of all peppers, naturally helps to keep your blood platelets from sticking together.

Blood circulation is a key component for the purposes of cleansing. Your body is incapable of processing all of the substances it takes in, so, many of the substances are passed through your body as waste material. Cayenne pepper speeds up the removal of toxins from your body for colon cleansing. If you have blocked or clogged arteries, they are caused by a buildup of things like mucus and toxins in your system. Cayenne pepper helps to flush these blockages away because it helps to break up mucus, clear arteries and increase the flow of your blood.

Since cayenne pepper blasts through blockages in your body, it is also key to helping other herbs and supplements do their jobs. The pepper clears the way for essential vitamins and nutrients from the foods that you eat, as well as herbs, to travel to the areas of your body that need the most help.

The stronger a pepper is, the more capsaicin it has. So, you should try to get pepper that has a high number of heat units. Usually heat units range from thirty thousand to ninety thousand. If you are new to using cayenne then you may want to start out with a milder version and slowly work your way up. Also, it’s best to take the pepper in powder form, not capsules. The powder will react with saliva in your mouth and stimulate your stomach to digest better. It will also send signals to the rest of your body immediately and increase blood flow quickly.

Capsules have no taste, so they do not stimulate your system as quickly and you’ll wind up not getting results that are as effective. The capsule will take several minutes to do anything and, when it does, it will release all the pepper at once and shock your system.

Naturopathic experts like to recommend using the cayenne pepper as a colon cleansing herb for all the reasons already mentioned, It is also said to aid in the regulation of heart rate. Even if you do not have any digestive disorders, you can still benefit from some cayenne pepper. The result of an improved blood circulation system in your body is boundless energy and total invigoration.

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