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Depression Symptoms; Know the Causes of Your Depression

A depressive disorder is not a sign of personal weakness or a condition that can be willed or wished away whenever you want. It is a disease that affects your thoughts, mood, and even your body. This disease or depressive disorder can affect the way you eat and sleep as well as the way you feel about yourself and the way that you think of different things. There are various types of depressive disorders such as dysthymia, mania and depression, which have different symptoms for each case.

How important is to know the causes of your depression?, have you ever felt that really sad despite of the good things that has happened to you or the great blessings that you have received? Are you out of mood sometimes for no reason at all? There is a reason for this though maybe you are experiencing the symptoms of depression.

Aside from sadness and low mood that you are experiencing, there are other symptoms of depression, such as guilt towards someone with no reason at all, being irritable to many things, and slowness in thinking and in reacting to a circumstance.

Do not think that depression is just a simple mental disorder or a depressive disorder. It can lead to annoyance in life, and can make you very serious and unable to work and participate socially. If the case is severe, you may have a great risk of committing suicide, the main reason why you should be aware about depression symptoms is the last one.

Before seeking out professional help, you have to make sure that is indeed depression that you are having. Depression can be caused by many different factors, here is a list of those known causes:

1.- Stress is one of the causes of depression. When you are working so hard, you tend to forget to take enough rest and unwind yourself from the tons of paperwork and pressure from your job. Stress can wear out your nervous system and drain your body from nutrients necessary for the nervous system to work properly.

2.- Another cause is physical illnesses. Once you have a disease like maybe Parkinson’s, a stroke, and hypertension for example, you might as well develop depression. In most cases, it is one of the effects of the mentioned diseases. Being stricken by an illness makes one feel insecure and incapable

3.- An unhealthy lifestyle may result to depression. If you do not practice regular exercise, you take too much stimulants such as alcohol or coffee, and you take in too much sugar and fats in your everyday diet, then you might as well expect to develop depression.

Avoiding these causes will increase your chances of avoiding depression. But if you think that you or your friend or family member has a severe case of depression already, seeking professional help would be the best recourse.

To talk with a specialist is maybe the best thing that you can do if we are talking of depression, He/She will help you, no doubt about it.

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