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Do You Know What Chocolate Truffles Are?

Many know the word truffle as a type of fungus and are therefore a little set back when they hear the term truffle but what they need to realize is that the chocolate truffle is not a truffle like they are thinking. It is not a chocolate covered fungus, the entire thing is made in the kitchen and no fungus is involved in the making of it!

First off the actual ingredients of a chocolate truffle are liquids, flavorings and chocolate which is called a ganache. For a long time the confectionary treat was only available to the wealthy and affluent just as other chocolate treats were for so long. Some people even still conjure up the image of some famous person lying on a lounge chair by a pool sipping champagne and eating the delightful chocolate truffles.

Gone are those days when the sweet treat was only for the rich, now they are available just about anywhere from candy stores and chocolate shops to even supermarkets. It is amazing what competition can do to the market.

Another big improvement is that chocolate truffles now come in just about any possible flavor you can imagine from milk chocolate or dark chocolate to white and even with fruit flavors included. If you are the type of person that enjoys the fine liqueurs they also come with flavors such as Frangelico and Kahlua. Now you can find truffles that will suit nearly anyone’s taste and they are also reasonably priced.

If you live in an area where truffles may be hard to find you can always take the do it yourself route. With the internet you can find tons of websites that will have recipes, ideas, and tips with a wide variety of flavors of truffles that you can make. You will make your family ecstatic by giving them home made truffles and make them love you all the more.

Making this chocolate treat doesn’t require any unusual ingredients as you can create a chocolate truffle with cocoa, corn syrup, whipping cream, and butter which you probably already have most of in your pantry already.

So now you know that the chocolate truffle is not just for the wealthy anymore and you know it isn’t a chocolate covered fungus. Once you try one you will probably be hooked just like everyone else and you will have to have them on a regular basis. Treat yourself to a rare chocolate treat and take the time to enjoy every morsel.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about chocolate as well as french chocolate gift baskets at