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Does A Cure Razor Burn Remedy Really Exist?

I suppose there will always be some one out there with a remedy to cure razor burn. It may have been handed down the generations or it may just be an old wives tale or it could be something that you buy over the counter at your local supermarket or pharmacy. In the end who cares where it comes from so long as it works! So what I am really trying to say is that there are probably many different remedies around and that you will probably have to try a few to see which suits you the best.

Unfortunately for many people both men and women, shaving will cause irritation to the skin leaving some areas red, blotchy and with a burning sensation. Sometimes this is caused because your razor is not sharp enough or you haven’t used any shaving cream. However some people still get this uncomfortable reaction even when they do all the right things. It also can depend on how sensitive the area is that you have shaved. For instance a woman’s bikini line is often more sensitive.

For men, you can use one of the many after shave lotions available to do help relieve the situation on your face although sometimes I think these products are made purely to make you smell nice and not do the job they are supposed to do. Obviously I would not suggest a woman do this to her sensitive areas. Ouch!!

Some people have been known to use moisturizer or an over the counter specific cream to help. Others use a cold face washer to alleviate the burning sensation. You can even use some aroma therapy products if you like to go all natural. In the end I think for most people you really need to learn how to shave correctly so as to minimize these annoyances. Lets face it we are not born with instructions of how to shave written on our foreheads.

You also need to take your time when shaving. How many of us are in a hurry when we shave? Usually we are doing it before we have to dash off to work or before we go out on a hot date. This is not how we should do it. Nothing gets done properly in a hurry. Of course as I have said before some people no matter how well or slow they shave will still end up with some form of irritation and will be looking for a cure razor burn remedy. So once you have found what helps you the best then have some stored in the bathroom cabinet ready on hand for when the need arises. And another thing, don’t think you have to spend loads of money for some fantastic fix because there is usually always a cheaper version that does the same thing.

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