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Does Love Lead to Marriage?

One of the biggest questions people have about love is whether or not love leads to marriage. For many people, marriage is the ultimate outcome of a life lived in love and represents the end of one road and the beginning of another.

For others, marriage is not a path they want to take. Regardless, there is no one answer to this question about love because everyone is bound to have a different love experience. There are factors that influence love, however, and there are visions of love that are healthy and those that are not.

The secret to a happy marriage is, of course, love. When people talk about having the ultimate happy marriage, they are talking about being around the one they love as much as possible. For many people, marriage in those terms is the absolute apex of a love life. For others, however, a happy marriage may be no marriage at all.

Some may find that spending their lives with one person is not satisfying in the least. They may wish for many more partners and many more experiences in order for their happiness to be realized. The question many people wonder about such lifestyles is about the role that love plays in their relationships.

There are many reasons besides love that people in today’s world marry and there are many reasons that those marriages end. The basic component in all of those types of relationships is selfishness and the desire to meet personal needs first and those of a partner second. It is for this reason that broken relationships appear to be on the rise.

People are desiring more for themselves and less for others, leading to the inevitable deconstruction of relationship fundamentals such as trust and confidence.. With divorce and broken homes on the rise, an examination of what leads people to marry is probably in order.

The truth about love, is that there is no truth about love. There are only subjective ideas as to what marriage should be based on. In today’s cynical world, the foundation for many a relationship is bent on reliance on the other person and not on selfless love. The notions of marriage and family therapy are on the rise because people, on the whole, seem to have forgotten about love.

The relationship goals and desires of today’s modern person seem to rely more on the workings of social aspects external to the relationship and less on happiness within. People are concerned about what they look like, if their eyelashes are “plump” enough and if the person they are with is suitable in terms of looks. The world needs love, in large doses to overcome it’s increasing cynicism.

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