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Escape the Maze Trapping You From Life Success

Life Success is obviously important. And you wouldn’t read to the end of this short story unless you were serious about your own life success.

Perhaps you have worked out by now that rushing around the maze of life can send you in so many directions that until you stop, consider, and think for yourself a new plan, a new direction, answers will then come simply and easily for life success. Perhaps to get out of the maze trap is as simple as climbing over a wall.

Now, some people are too busy rushing around looking for ‘the answers’ to life success from others that they never even stop long enough to look up at the wall.

Others look up and see the wall but decide against climbing it, perhaps out of being ‘politically correct’, or ‘respectful’ to the designers of the trap, or perhaps because of the short burst of intense effort necessary to scale the wall of life success, or perhaps because they don’t want to get their clothes in a mess.

So they look back down, sigh, resign to the quiet desperation of ‘looking for the exit’, and start running again, faster, and faster, thinking that speed or struggle will help them succeed.

They bump into others, asking the others for the answer, but never stopping to consider within themselves for long enough, never taking the time or giving them self the self-trust or space to put the puzzle of success together.

Life Success… where is it? What is it? Where does it come from?

Constriction, exhaustion, almost a strangulation, diminishing their energy – they begin to walk, they recover their breath, feel more at ease and control in this moment, strolling along, sometimes even with a smile, watching the others running around who are looking for the exit out of this trap.

Some accept that there is no escape, no exit, and they become cynical and negative of the people who are still running, they say ‘slow down or you might fall and get hurt, there is no rush, we all end up the same way anyway, nothing is important except enjoying the moment, why be concerned, why try, just stick to what you know”.

Some then resign so much that they sit down on the comfortable bench. They somehow fool themselves into thinking they are on top of things, but their gaze is hazy, only straight ahead, they have lost their way not just outside in the maze, but inside in their mind and spirit as well.

Ice-cream vendors are at hand, manned by bright smiles, covering sinister clown masks, that morph into creatures of evil at certain angles of light, but you can never be quiet sure, until..

You arrive into this opening with the bench and you suddenly stop, aware of a strange new feeling that washes over you making you at once aware of Two Worlds. It was a flash of color and a distant sound that caught your attention, look out for it. As you catch your breath back somehow things are different, in you, you are different. You sit down besides this other person, and you can feel the person begin to frown as you turn to the person very slowly and frown in the same way too, as they also turn in the same way to you.

You catch eye to eye and a rippling shiver begins an uncontrollable journey up your spine from the base of your back towards your head and washes over your slightly contorted face muscles.

In the next moment, that other person is no longer of consideration and you understand the pattern of the maze. You look upwards, skywards, and your mind is thinking differently now.

You see the wall that you would have used to run along, but now you look above it. You stand. You draw in a deep breath. You feel a renewed vigor, passion, and self-assurance.

You are going to figure out how to get over that wall, that hurdle, and you are going to begin now.

Life Success.

“I can”.

Currently touring Thailand whilst writing and coaching, Nathan Shaw has a 12 page Life Success report available free.