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Exploding Microwave Cookware

In order to use your microwave properly ,you need the proper microwave cookware. Take the time to read the manual that comes with the microwave to purchase safe cookware and utensils.

Microwave Cookware: Glass Plastic Ceramic It is important to notice when shopping for microwave cookware , if that product is microwave safe. The wrong type of plastic containers can cause severe safety hazards. Most plastic cookware that you find dishwasher safe is usually fine for microwaves. Before placing any cookware in your microwave make sure it is safe to use. Protect yourself against unnecessary burns or microwave explosions.

When using glass cookware ,it should be heat resistant. You want even heat when using glassware in the microwave.

In ceramic cookware , you have glazed and unglazed. Microwave cooking requires unglazed cookware. Glazed cookware will cause sparks in the microwave and heat to fast.

Safety Tips: Never use aluminum foil or aluminum pans in the microwave. This could damage your microwave permanently.

Never use plastic containers that you buy butter or other refrigerated food in. Products of this kind melt and cause severe chemical reactions that could be hazardous to your health.

Use microwave cookware that is recommended . Foods high in fat will cook faster and get hotter than regular food.

Allow a cool down period before removing any cookware from a microwave.

Microwave cookware can be bought in sets. When you purchase a set , you find the necessary dishes for the foods you wish to prepare. Preventing over flows in the microwave can be prevented . Use cookware that has sides and oval bases. Microwave dishes can be purchased with fitting lids.

When using plastic cookware in the microwave avoid using a tight fitting lid. It can blow off causing a mess . With glassware ,using the lid is fine. Moisture collects inside these containers causing hot steam. When using glassware , you want to allow a cool down period.

Microwave cooking is quick and healthier for you. More of the food nutrients remain in food when cooked in a microwave. Less water has to be added to food when cooked in a microwave.

Cleaning Tips: Microwave cookware can be washed in a dishwasher. Hand washing your cookware may prevent breakage from happening. Microwave cookware is placed on top racks of dishwashers and can fall when the door is open . Using scouring pads can damage your cookware. Avoid heating tomato products or berries in plastic cookware. Stains are hard to remove.

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