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Explosive Upper Body Training

There is bodybuilding which is sculpting the body through isolation techniques and then there is applied functional training. Applied functional training is a method of fitness that highlights individual movement mastery, light resistance training using progressive, overload, frequency, intensity, and adherence to form principles. I know it might sound like a lot but those principles make up the perfect training routine for every single person.

For example; the bench press itself is a good compound exercise for building upper body development while lying on your back. At best its a good movement because the functional aspect of it is lacking and there are limitations.

The limitations of the bench press are that of imposed gravity. Since the resistance is coming from above you, your shoulder blades are crushed into the bench. This may even result in uncomfortable positioning that may result in injury not to mention you are working against yourself based on leverage principles.

If you bench press, ask yourself this one fundamental question? When is it a good time to be lying on your back in daily life unless you choose to do it in your leisure time? The answer is hardly ever and in most cases if your on your back, you lost. If bodybuilding is your own personal passion and hobby, I wish you the best. If you are always looking for another way to improve yourself quicker, faster, with less chance of injury, read further.

The power press replaces the bench press because it is a movement that you perform standing up. I began using this movement over three years ago and since that time my upper body strength has taken on a whole new meaning.

This movement allows you to stand up, use your bodily momentum, and learn to control it with light resistance. If you can not hold the resistance, it will fly out of your hands. The beauty of the exercise is that you will never be able to over do it. Try saying that about the bench press.

Truth be told, the bench press is a good exercise if the person using it understands how to safely implement it. Based on shear percentages alone, it is a lot safer for trainees to learn how to perform Power Presses and develop the ability to do 100 Push ups in a row.

You should know that I have bench pressed over 400 pounds easily when I was using that exercise, prior to me finding the Power Press. The last time I officially bench pressed was in the year 2001 and the weight used in my set was 428.5 pounds. My bodyweight was 218 and I had very good daily cardiovascular fitness.

So why would someone who can bench press that much weight in strict fashion and without supportive equipment ever stop using the exercise?…It’s because I figured out that I needed to use exercises that were more functional, sensible, and that could be done more often. Power presses can be done every two to three days and the results speak for themselves.

Dave Lemanczyk is the C.E.O. of Dave Lemanczyk LLC, a leading developer of superior human performance products in todays fitness industry.