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Extradition Lawyer

The whole premise of the Florida extradition law is based on criminals who are wanted for crimes committed across state lines. There are two types of Florida extradition situations which involve fugitives who seek asylum. The first case is where a fugitive is arrested in Florida but the actual crimes happened in another state. The other type of case is in reverse. That’s when a criminal has been arrested for a crime committed in Florida but now lives in a separate state.

A knowledgeable extradition lawyer such as David Joffe, of Joffe Law Firm, can protect you from unlawful extradition. His job is to ensure that the extradition is valid, legal, and that your civil rights are protected. Without an experienced extradition attorney, you may find yourself sitting in prison for an extended time while you wait for things to be sorted out.

Since 1989, David Joffe has been a member of the Florida state bar and has personally participated in litigation in over 300 federal and state criminal cases. His professionalism, compliance with ethical practices and successful track record has proved to be great assets as he orchestrates an aggressive defense campaign for his clients. His job is to protect your civil rights and validate the extradition claim while you are undergoing the extradition process.

Some of the defense strategies that David Joffe may employ in your behalf are to argue and defend you under habeas corpus (protection against illegal imprisonment), prove the validity of any documents filed by the prosecution or work out a resolution with the requesting extradited state. A resolution proposal may include bail reduction, per roll served in the asylum state or the application of The Interstate Family Support Act.

David Joffe is a trusted extradition attorney who is respected by his legal contemporaries and past and present clients. If you are currently live in Florida and you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime that was committed in another state, Tampa extradition David Joffe will work with his partners to contact the serving prosecutor, resolve charges quickly and try to assist you in avoiding custody or prison time.

Don’t be like the sand crane who sticks its head in the sand. Be proactive in your defense. Understand what the state of Florida can and can not do to and for you. It’s your life, your future… so take it back.

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