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Factors for Success in Using a MasterMind Group

To gain maximum personal and professional benefit, there are several important aspects you would do well to take into consideration when using or establishing a mastermind group.

You should see a group of people who are optimistic and have positive “can-do” attitudes. This will bring extra energy and vitality into the group sessions. With a firm foundation based in positive energy, wonderful things can and do happen in a very short time!

When participating in a a mastermind group, each member shares information with the others. It is a very powerful process. Each idea can build upon the previous thoughts and suggestions. As the ideas begin flowing, the creativity increases.

Mastermind works best when members have different backgrounds, occupations, hobbies, etc. Different ways of thinking and having different opinions make having a mastermind group much more energizing, exciting and effective.

Another advantage to having diversified backgrounds is that while one person is focused on one objective, another could be focused on a different point, or separate part of the problem. This way each member will be doing something to contribute to the group individually while they are working for the common good of all.

With every mastermind group, you have a leader or a facilitator, who directs the meeting, keeps the group focused and makes sure everything, runs smoothly. The leader helps keep the team “on task.” The goal of a healthy mastermind group is to support each member so you can achieve the success you are seeking.

Meeting on a regular basis helps keep the lines of communication open. Each meeting will build upon a continuity and soon you will find ideas flowing quickly, freely and easily at each session. Such group meetings and sharing really are important for your success.

Those who do belong to a mastermind group and use it regularly recognize the true value that comes from developing such a marvelous support group. Through teamwork and a mastermind, you can learn how to function at your best.

Actively participating in a mastermind group can make your life even better and more enjoyable for you. You can develop new skills, expand your circle of influence and take your life in marvelous new directions!

With the right people on your team, you can reach your dream. As Walt Disney put it so well: “You can have the most beautiful dream in the world, but it takes people to build it.” Remember, Walt Disney started out with a dream, a mastermind team and a mouse!

John Carpenter Dealey started his first business at age nine and became a “self-made millionaire” by the age of 27. If you would like to learn how to apply these powerful Mastermind principles in your own life, sign up for a free subscription to MasterMind Tips ezine at: