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Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Purification Unit

Square Footage: Do want a unit that can cover your entire home or one that can cover one room. The price of an air purification unit is related to quality and the square footage that it can cover. National advertised units seem like a good deal because the price is $100 – $300 however you must be aware of the square footage they cover. Most units in that price range can only purify the air in a small room or small apartment, normally about 300 -500 square feet. Individual units in the $500 – $1000 range will normally purify the air in a home of 1000 to 3000 square feet. If you have a large home or a newer home you may consider a unit that attaches directly to your heating and cooling unit.

The cost of use: When purchasing an air purification unit be aware of the cost of ongoing maintenance of the unit. Does the unit require filters? Some units need a new filter every 60 – 90 days to run at optimal capacity. Cost of filters range from a few dollars to more than $50. So be sure to consider this in the overall cost of purchase. You can definitely find air purification units that have filters that can be cleaned. In my opinion this is your best bet.

What kind of air purification do you want: Some units are better for allergy suffers while other units are better at removing bacteria or odors? Refer to the chart below for some suggestions on the unit that may be right for your home.

Removing Allergens: HEPA, Ionizer and Purifying Hydroxyl Radicals

Removing Bacteria: HEPA, Ionizer, Ultra Violet, Carbon Filter, Ozone Generator, Purifying Hydroxyl Radicals

Removing Odors: Carbon Filter, Ozone Generator

Removing Viruses and Germs: Ionizer, Ultra Violet, Ozone Generator, Purifying Hydroxyl Radicals

Removing Cigarette Smoke: Ionizer, Carbon Filter, Ozone Generator, Purifying Hydroxyl Radicals

Warranty: You are making a serious investment in an air purification unit no matter the size or the quality. Make sure the company will stand behind your air purification unit with a money back or replacement guarantee for a significant period of time.

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