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Fade Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the most common skin conditions. Most treatment methods for stretch marks attempt to eliminate the condition altogether. In most cases, these products only fade stretch marks. This means that it will undoubtedly take some time for you to experience results. The good news is that some products are able to fade stretch marks that are old and more set into the skin. Instead of actually treating the skin, these products typically work to change the consistency of the stretch marks. To fade stretch marks, you may want to try one of the two products that claim to fade stretch marks that are both new and old.

Scarguard ScarCare works by providing a protective covering for the stretch marks so that they can heal on their own. The product does, however, contain ingredients that are beneficial for diminishing stretch marks. Vitamin E and silicone are two ingredients in ScarCare that will help fade stretch marks. You apply the product directly to your stretch marks twice each day. You should start to notice an improvement in your stretch marks in less than six months. If you are pregnant, you need to obtain approval from your doctor before using the product.

Scarguard Lightener is another stretch mark treatment product manufactured by Scarguard. This product fades stretch marks by lightening the skin. The product contains 2% hydroquinone, a skin-lightening chemical. If you choose to go with this product you need to also wear a sunscreen. You may experience a darkening of your skin if you apply the product to your skin and spend time in the sun without any sun protection. This product, like ScarCare costs $64.99. The cost is more than the average stretch mark treatment, but then doctors do not endorse the average product for stretch marks. Plastic surgeons use Scarguard products in their practice, so there is a good chance that you will experience success with Scarguard products.

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