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Father’s Day – All I Am I Owe To My Father

As Father’s Day approaches, many people’s thoughts are turning to those special men in their lives. I am no different. Looking back through all the years, lessons learned, tears shed, victories and failures felt, I have come to one very profound conclusion. All I am I owe to my father!

It’s my guess that as this one day a year that makes dads kings for a time arrives many others are coming to this same conclusion. Great fathers are special, one-of-a-kind gifts that small children adore, teenagers tend to abhor and adult children learn to respect with a bittersweet sense of awe. They are special not just for what they did or what they do, but also for what they didn’t do.

My dad, all dads, daddies and fathers in general give their children life. Good fathers also stand watch to help mold and shape the adults those children will one day become. Wonderful fathers take time out to share hugs, smiles, good books and lessons on life. Fathers can be hard, but they have to be. Life is difficult and the lessons learned are much kinder when they come from the firm hand of a loving dad.

When this Father’s Day arrives, I intend to thank my own father for all he’s given me with a special present, a hug and a long overdue “I love you.”

I Love You For:

All those days and late nights he spent working to give us more. He did this without a single complaint uttered in front of his children.

All the pats on the back he passed along when my star shined at school, in sports and elsewhere. It was he who really made that star shine brighter.

All the lessons about life he taught.

Taking the time to play ball, read bedtime stories and sing songs even when he had to have been tired to the bone.

Making me feel loved, special and secure.

Teaching me to be respectful of others, no matter their ages.

Helping me learn the value of a good day’s work.

Taking me fishing, camping, hiking and teaching me to appreciate that I am but just a part of a much bigger picture.

Giving me the courage to look up at the sky and dream.

Just always being my dad.

It is so easy to forget to say “thank you,” but this Father’s Day will not go by without these two little words. All I am I owe to my father. Though he is far from perfect, he will always remain so in my eyes.

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