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Feeling Emotional? Use EFT To Solve Your Problems…

Do you ever get out of bed with that feeling not being able to cope and negativity overwhelming you? Well, we all have our off days and that is normal.I don’t care how much self development work you do, you will always have to face some days when things are not going your way.

The story is rather different though when off days become a regular occurrence.
If you often start your day thinking, “Not another day I have to face, it is all too much”, you force yourself to get up, and are already thinking of the end of the day before it even started, you do have a problem controlling your emotions. This is a vicious circle and the more emotional you feel the less able your are to get a handle on life. It simply feels that sorting the smallest thing appears like climbing Mount Everest.

When you are in such an emotional state you need tools to change it.You also need to see results fast to keep you motivated. After all, when you are feeling run down and emotional it often is too much of an effort to motivate yourself to get help, even though you know that you should. You require a simple type of therapy that gets results fast.It must be easy to learn and effortless to apply and ideally you should be able to use it on your own, in your private surroundings.

This might sound like an extravagant wish list. Extravagant maybe, but certainly not impossible.

Most of you are probably stuck in the old belief system where you have been taught that anything worthwhile requires heaps of effort in order to achieve noticeable results. You probably cannot believe that you can achieve great results and beneficial change with little effort.These believes also add to the feeling of being stuck in a rut and are self generating, causing yet more emotional distress.

How can you change this situation quickly?

The last 20 years have produced amazing new scientific findings in the field of energy research.
The way we see our universe and how we function in it, is changing completely. We are moving from a view where everything in the world is separate and not connected to a truly unified field theory. This has major consequences on how we deal with ourselves and our emotional and physical problems. All our emotions, good, bad and neutral are simply energy and so are we and everything else in the universe.

Therefore knowing how to manipulate these energies is key to creating a better life for ourselves.In the past 10 years a variety of emotional energy therapies have been developed which get results much faster then any of the old types of therapy.

One of the most effective of these therapies is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT is simple, powerful and effective.When using EFT you focus the mind on a specific problem, whilst at the same time tapping with your fingertips on a number of meridian points to stimulate the body’s energy system. Mind focus together with the action of physical tapping is a very fast way to change your vibrational energy almost instantaneously. As you feel your energy increasing you also dissolve any resistance to changing your mind state.You now move effortlessly into problem solving mode. You continue tapping and focusing on the issue you wish to resolve. By tuning into the vibrational frequency of your emotional state you can change it quickly, thus releasing the unwanted emotion and creating the space for positive thoughts and feelings to enter. As a result your emotional state can be changed in a matter of minutes rather then days or months.

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is an Advanced EFT Practitioner and Energy Therapist who consults worldwide via the Internet. Solve problems quickly and easily.

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