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Five Steps To Simple Meditation

Meditation can be a way to release your mind from stress. It was used in the far east of the world for thousands of years. Many religions use this method to practice the mind. It also is the mean to get closer to their spiritual leader. The method is also believed to help people work more effectively either for studying or in the real life work.

Why meditation is useful? This is used to clean your mind. The body and mind are separated in the sense that the mind controls the body. The clear mind can think more effectively since there is no influence from outside environment. Concentration on the present will make you free from all emotion especially negative ones. It also reduces the negative feeling towards yourself and others. It reduces your metabolism and promotes good health if done regularly. Students can study better with only a few minutes meditation daily. The same will happens to an adult who work the whole day and need a rest. Your body needs a rest and your mind needs that too. Meditation can be the best way to give a relaxation to your mind.

Before you start meditation, we need to know your purpose of doing this. You need to know what you want out of this process. If you are clear on what you want, you will schedule yourself to do this daily. Discipline is very important for all useful procedure. Like physical muscle, your mind needs practice to make it stronger. Therefore, make sure that you schedule some time for doing this everyday. The steps to meditate if you are the beginner include:

Step 1 Be in a comfortable position. Sit on your favorite chair or pillow. The best material is a soft mattress. Most of oriental ways request you to sit on the floor. Be prepared to sit in the same position for a period of time. The right meditation asks you to sacrifice moving while you feel some fatigue in your legs or back. You need to decide how long you want to meditate. You can start with twenty to thirty minutes a session. Place a small clock in front of you so that you can notice the time of your meditation. The longer you sit, the better result you can enjoy.

Step 2 Sit straight. Make sure that your spine is vertical to the floor. This will allow you to keep your spine in good shape while you are sitting. Since the process of meditation can be long, the good position will not hurt your spine in the long run. Do not move if it is not totally necessary. Remember, meditation is to let your mind think of only one thing. You can not do that if your body is in movement.

Step 3 Close your eyes. This is to prevent the disturbance from the environment. Also, closing the eyes allows you to concentrate in the next step better. Some people will start to see things when they close their way. This is normal to the beginner. Notice that but do not be so agitated. Mostly what we see is the event from the past and it comes back since we are forcing our mind to focus. This will be difficult for the first few times but it will be better as your ability to concentrate is improved.

Step 4 Trace your breathing pattern. When you inhale, you can count “one”.When you exhale, you can count “two”. Continue to do this until you get into your focus. Count one and two alternately along with your inhale and exhale. After doing this for awhile, you will feel peace in the process. If you can achieve that level, you will start to feel unexpectedly calm happiness.

Step 5 When you can focus. You can move from counting your breathing to what you want to concentrate. You can add your visualization into this step. Remember to visualize only what you want. This will attract your desired circumstances and attributes according to the “law of attraction”.

Meditation can be useful to anyone who want peace in his mind and wants progress in the communication in yourself. If the process is combined with visualization, it can attract the situation to help you achieving your goals.

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