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Go Cart Racing for the Long Haul

In the world of go carting, many participants have embraced the sport competitively, which has resulted in racing events
occurring across the nation at tracks made especially for go cart street racing. Amateurs and seasoned go cart drivers are attracted to the large scale go cart racing events that have become serious competitions. Endurance karting is what many of the go cart races have been dubbed because most of the popular track events consist of long distance races.
Endurance karting is an event where a series of races are held at tracks around the United States, such as those in Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, New Jersey and Connecticut. The events have 90 minute, three hour, four hour, six hour and eight hour races with participants of all ages and experience levels competing. The endurance karting has a system set up to classify the racers by age, weight and experience level. In each race there are several first place prizes awarded because teams from every classification level compete in the races.

This type of racing is said to be a European style. Racers and advocates of endurance karting enjoy it because it mimics the Nascar races. The set up of these long distance, time consuming go cart races is professional grade. Go cart racers have driver changes throughout the race and tedious passing and other driving skills are strategically executed by each team.

Endurance karting events bring in numerous racers, but since the competitions are so long and require driver changes, teams are a must. Avid go carters or those that are members of a go carting club often bring their own team of three or four drivers. If you are new to the sport or just a lone rider, individual racers are welcome and will be appointed to a team.
Street racing go carts has become a hobby of so many because it appeals to a large age range. Go cart racing seems to not discriminate in the audience it attracts. The reason behind the interest in racing go carts is different for each person as well. Some enjoy the thrill and rush of fast races, while others have a taste for the challenge of enduring a long distance competition and working with team members.

There is no doubt that at events such as the endurance karting races, being a participant will introduce you to an
enthusiastic population of go cart racers. Endurance karting events and races like them are successful also for the diversity within them. The events not only host endurance races, they also hold special occasion events to appeal to a more precise audience.

Endurance karting has go cart racing events for families to participate in together. They have also held a women’s go cart racing day where experienced women drivers offered tips and lessons and all women go carters where recognized. The endurance karting challenges are for amateur, semi-pro and professional go cart drivers and each year they hold a championship series for those who follow the trail of racing events around the nation.

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